Help For The Journey: How Does Christian Mingle Work?

Are you a single Christian looking for connection and commitment? Christian Mingle is a great place to start. Yet, if you’re new to Christian Mingle – or new to online dating – you’ll naturally be asking how does it work? Well, we’re here with the answers. Here’s how Christian Mingle can help take you from a season of singleness to lasting, joyful love.

How to Use Christian Mingle in Five Steps

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At Christian Mingle, our passion is to help Christian singles embrace faith-filled, purposeful dating that leads to lasting love and marriage. Single man or a single women, looking for a partner for the first time or dating after heartbreak, we can help you find that joyful soul connection you’ve been praying for. The proof is in our results – get inspired by reading some of our Success Stories!


Ready to join us and start your search? Here’s how to get started:

1. Register Your profile

To set up a Christian Mingle profile, download our iOS or Android dating apps, or head to our homepage: https://www.christianmingle.comFrom there, it’s easy to get started. To create an account you can either use your Facebook account or an email address – the choice is up to you.

Our easy sign-up process will then prompt you to add certain profile features like a cute username and a ZIP code. You can also add a few details about yourself, like your preferred denomination and how often you attend church. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers right away. You can update or change this information at any time.

2. Add Your Photos

Photos are a vital part of your Christian Mingle dating profile. To set up your profile, you’ll need at least one feature photo, and you can add up to six altogether. You can upload them from your computer or phone, or right from your Facebook account. Do note: our Customer Care team approves all new photos, so don’t worry if they take a day or two to show up.

So what profile photos should you choose? If you want Christian Mingle to work for you, it’s worth putting some thought into your photo selection. Aim for recent, well-lit photos where you look happy, genuine, and relaxed. Or take a new pic – take a deep breath and let your love for the Lord shine through!

3. Tell Us What You Want In a Match

So enough about you! If you’re choosing Christian Mingle, it’s because you want to meet someone who will share your journey of love and faith. And the best way to do that is to specify the kind of match you’re seeking. When you’re setting up your profile you can add what you value in a partner. Maybe it’s that they share a passion for your faith (we have 23 different denomination options to choose from!). Maybe it’s that they want kids. Maybe it’s that they share your dreams for marriage. If it’s important to you, specify it, and it will help us filter your match suggestions.

4. Get Match Suggestions

Profile set up? Photos added? Preferences set? Great! Now comes the exciting bit – finding fantastic, Christian singles and true connections. One way that Christian Mingle works is by sending you compatible match suggestions. We’ll send you as many as seven of these targeted match suggestions each day to browse through at your leisure. If a certain profile seems intriguing, ‘Like’ it to save it for later. This will give you the time to start crafting that perfect first message.

5. Browse Christian Singles Who Suit You

Another way to meet wonderful Christian men and women on our site is to take the wheel yourself. When you log in to your account, you’ll be able to browse other profiles. You can sort these by registration date, distance, or match percentage. It’s a user-friendly way to find people whose words and pictures speak to you.


Are you ready to welcome love into your life? Do you want to meet single Christians who want to share that journey? Then get started with Christian Mingle today. Or, read on to discover how to optimize your time online.  

3 Things That Can Help You Enjoy Your Time Online

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We get it, taking the plunge with online ‘’dating’’ can be a little intimidating. This goes double if you’re new to the idea of actively seeking a match, or if you’re more comfortable with courting rather than dating. Yet, rest assured, Christian Mingle was created to foster connections between singles who long to be equally yoked. That means, in our online community, you won’t be the only one looking for meaningful love!

So, have the courage to open your horizons, reach out, and say hi to those who seem interesting. You might just find that it’s the first step in a beautiful journey towards the one that God intends. Equally, if you’re communicating with someone and you don’t feel that your values are aligning, have the courage to take a step back and start again.


Have you been waiting patiently for God to bring someone amazing into your life? It can be tempting to think that the second you meet someone online, all that waiting is over. Yet, it’s important to stay patient and explore all the opportunities you are given.

By all means, date with intent. Don’t, for instance, agree to date someone whose plans for the future are at odds with your own. Yet, don’t feel pressured to work out all the details of that future on (or even before!) the first date, with the very first person you meet. Instead, be patient and stay open to connections. In the process you’ll learn enough about yourself to recognize that soul match when it comes along.    


Hope is one of the most important tools of Christian online dating. Having hope isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve been heartbroken before, or if you end up having several first meetings that ultimately don’t go anywhere.

But remember this: it only has to work once. Even if it takes a few tries to get there, when you meet someone and feel that indefinable connection, it will all be worth it. And, in the meantime, keep the hope and faith that any detours along the line are His way of leading you to the right path.

Ready to get started? Join Christian Mingle today!