Christian Dating: Life, Love, And Faith Combined

Life isn’t always like a romantic comedy. Although we’re all destined to meet someone, it can feel unlikely that it’ll happen while you’re buying your groceries or at the bank. But with the invention of online dating, finding someone who shares your goals and values is easier than ever! This is especially true for Christian dating.

In fact, Christian singles can now find someone who shares their beliefs and plans for the future. They have with one of the world’s best Christian dating sites, Christian Mingle!

Christian Dating In Today’s World

Everyone has a list of perfect characteristics they would want in a partner. They can be traditional ones like being funny, kind and brave. Or perhaps it’s important to you that they enjoy the same music and movies. However, most Christian singles agree that the one trait their partner would absolutely need is a close relationship with God.

In the United States, for instance, 75% of the population identify with a Christian religion, which is a huge amount of people. But does identifying with a religion mean you have a close relationship with God? For many Christian singles, actively pursuing that relationship is what counts. And, that journey is easier with someone like-minded your side.

Meeting Single Christians Online

That’s why so many Christian men and women are turning to online Christian dating to find a partner who shares the same values. With Christian Mingle, for instance, our members all share a vital characteristic. They all value Christianity as an important part of their life.

And the safety of that knowledge means that, for example, you can find someone who loves action movies as much as you without having to worry if they’re also Christian. This ability to look for a partner who is compatible on multiple levels gives our members the freedom to date with purpose and belief. It allows them to be their authentic, joyful selves.

Not only is it effective, it’s efficient too. Taking Christian dating online is the best way to find someone who’s compatible with your lifestyle from the comfort of your own home  – or, if you prefer, you can date on-the-go with the Christian Mingle app. With this in mind, it’s little wonder why many Christians have turned to online dating to find their soulmate.

Christian dating can be fluid, fun and stress-free with the help of Christian Mingle, a dating site designed with modern Christian singles in mind.

How Does Christian Dating Work On Christian Mingle?

1. Creating A Profile

If you want to date with purpose, whether that’s to create a family, get married or simply find that special someone, a great profile is the best place to start. Once you sign up to Christian Mingle you’ll be asked some basic information about yourself such as your preferred Christian denomination and how often you attend church. This helps us give you the right start to your Christian dating journey. We want to find out a bit about you so we can give you accurate and compatible matches.

2. Picture Perfect

What’s the best way to let your faith shine through? A gorgeous photo of course! Describe yourself visually and show all the sides to your personality by uploading up to six of your best snaps to our website, or do it directly from your Facebook account. Your photos might take a few days to appear as our Customer Care team verifies every photo that’s uploaded to the site, ensuring your safety and security when dating.

3. Tell Us What You Want In A Christian Dating Match

We want to find the best match for you so we can add you to our ever-growing list of Success Stories! When you’re setting up your profile we’ll give you options so you can choose attributes that you value in a partner and a relationship. This includes what type of church they belong to (we have 23 different denomination options to choose from), whether they’re interested in getting married, or if they plan on having children.

If it’s important to you, then it’s important to us, so specify what you want and we’ll start sending you potential partners that suit your preferences.

4. Matches Delivered To You And Browsing Until Your Heart’s Content

Are you someone who likes to be given answers? Do you prefer searching for them yourself?. With Christian Mingle, we deliver up to seven unique matches per day that are based on your initial sign-up preferences. But what if you’re someone who likes to browse? No problem, Christian Mingle also allows you to search for matches at your leisure as well.

Why Use Christian Mingle To Meet Christian Singles?

Are you looking for the type of dating where you can exchange ideas and meet Christian singles who rejoice in their faith? Do you want your faith to be a big part of your relationship, but not the only thing that binds you and your partner? Do you want to follow Christian dating guidelines and rules when you date? Then Christian Mingle is for you.

Christians are multifaceted, with different outlooks and relationships with their faith. Which is why Christian Mingle doesn’t put our users in a box and why so many Christians use Christian Mingle. Simply put, if you have a personal relationship with God and want your partner to share that glory – then try Christian Mingle today. Why? Because your relationship with Him is sacred and unique, you can decide what’s important to your relationship when it comes to faith.

So, what are you waiting for? Signing up to Christian Mingle is easy;  get started today and you could be chatting and meeting Christian singles in no time!