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Meeting like-minded spiritual singles isn’t always easy. For single Christians, it can be hard to find someone who prioritizes morality, faith, and spirituality, while keeping an open heart. That’s where Christian Mingle comes in. We can help you connect with other relationship-minded, spiritual singles, and put the hope back into finding love.

Spiritual Singles Seeking a Soul Connection

God’s world is full of wonders. Yet, so many of His children walk through life without taking time to appreciate the miracles that surround us. If you’re of the opposite mindset — mindful of the blessings in life — then you’ll naturally want an equally yoked, spiritual partner.

However, finding this is often easier said than done. For many Christian singles, it can easy to make spiritual friendships at church. But, not all these friends will be single and ready for a relationship. It can be easy to meet other singles at work or socially, but not all these potential partners will be Christian.

Because of these dating difficulties, it’s important for those seeking a faith-filled, soulmate connection to be smart about where they look for love. Luckily, there is a place where spiritual singles can seek a match equally mindful of miracles. And that’s online, with a marriage-minded, religious dating site like Christian Mingle.

Understanding “Spiritually-Minded” Individuals

When searching through many other spiritual dating apps, you may find it just as tough to sift through the countless profiles that only vaguely highlight actual faith, while Christian Mingle is one of the premier dating sites for spiritual singles because of its comprehensive algorithm. Addressing each person’s individual characteristics is our focus, and that includes “spiritually-minded” folks of all kinds. We understand the Christian religion is widespread and diverse, so we encourage people to seek out their ideal match by showcasing their most important preferences.

Spiritually-minded individuals are Holy in mindset and practice and rejoice in the Triune God through prayer, worship, and community service. While all spiritual singles follow the Biblical value system, it is commonly understood that many denominations have unique qualities to them, which is why we’re proud to recognize 23 on Christian Mingle — more than all other spiritual dating sites. You’re also able to be detailed about your faith-based expectations in a partner, as we allow users to search via church habits, volunteer involvement, and spiritual growth desires in the future. We want our spiritual singles to feel their individual wants and needs are both being met to ensure maximum compatibility, and that begins with spiritual dating.

The Significance of Connecting With Spiritually-Minded Singles

When you’re able to come together over a mutual faith with a prospective partner, but also are able to enter the first date knowing you also share other hobbies and interests in common sounds like a dream, right? Well, with Christian Mingle, it’s proven possible and with efficient compatibility. In fact, our studies show more than half of all Christian marriages that stemmed from online dating began on Christian Mingle, more than any of the other dating sites for spiritual singles.

Knowing that you and the person you’re dating not only share the same moral values and are able to practice those beliefs together, but also have access to spiritual guidance from each of your own respective church bodies gives you the assurance that God’s will and the verification of your peers will consecrate your relationship. You may not be able to find available spiritual singles in your church currently, but when you meet an ideal match, your close-knit church community will likely want to be a part of your walk if you decide they’re fit for a meaningful, long-term relationship.

Tips for Successfully Dating Spiritual Singles

When you’re looking to begin spiritual dating, it’s always important to remember some crucial points to ensure you’re taking the other individual’s respective beliefs and values into account:

  • Honor Beliefs and Boundaries – It’s always imperative to respect each other’s lifestyle and upbringing, meaning that you should never intend to force expectations on others.
  • Be Upfront About Faith – With the numerous denominations, liberal or conservative Christians, or devout church-goers versus virtual attendees, stating your true spiritual practices helps individuals remove the uncertainties that come with other unreliable relationships.
  • Discuss Future Goals – It’s never a bad time to start talking about what you’d like to see out of a partner in the future, especially if you’re hoping to get serious. Don’t be afraid to talk about aspirations regarding faith, your professional career, and of course, family.

Communication is Key – Nothing inhibits a relationship more than poor communication, so always be clear and forward with your thoughts and feelings, especially regarding the spiritual aspects of your relationship.

Spiritual Dating Apps: Why Choose Christian Mingle?

So, how can Christian Mingle help spiritual singles make mindful, meaningful connections? It starts with our sign-up process. When you join our spiritual dating site (either by registering online or through our dating app), we’ll ask you about your beliefs and the beliefs of your ideal partner.

Choose from 23 different Christian denominations and let us know about your desire to meet single men or single women whose values align with your own. These denominations cover various ways to be spiritual. Choose from options like “Charismatic”, “Baptist” or “Evangelical”.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to just explore your spiritual dating options, choose from “Non-denominational” or “Interdenominational”. You can also mention your ideal partner’s church-going habits, indicating whether you’d prefer to date someone who attends weekly, monthly, or whatever works for you.

Once we have your preferences, we’ll start bringing you like-minded matches! You’ll receive regular matches from singles whose profiles indicate that you two have a chance of forming a real, meaningful connection.

Additionally, you can manually search through members’ profiles, sorting by distance or match percentage to expand your chances of finding love. Remember, matches might be searching for you, too, so if spiritual dating is a priority for you, be sure to mention it in your profile!

We Help Spiritual Singles Find Love

If you’re looking to find a dating app for spiritual singles, Christian Mingle is here to help. We’ve been helping Christians find love and marriage since 2001! But don’t just take our word for it – the proof is in the gorgeous Success Stories that we are blessed to receive.

Take the story of Stacey and Caleb, whose ‘’spirits definitely bonded.’’ after meeting on Christian Mingle – even though he lived in Kansas and she in Florida. After two months of online chats, he flew in for a visit and by the end of it, they knew it was love. As Stacey puts it: ‘’when your relationship becomes spiritual and not just physical, you know someone bigger has His hand in it’’. Today, the two are happily married.

Spiritual Dating Tips: 3 Pointers To Keep in Mind

So how can you find your own spiritual, soulmate connection on Christian Mingle? Here are three tips for spiritual singles looking for love.

1. Be Honest With Yourself

The key to making a spiritual connection is mindfulness. Dating with integrity is key and that starts with being honest with yourself about what you want from love. Set your dating intentions and don’t compromise them.

Want to get married? Date marriage-minded singles. Want to have a spiritually purposeful life? Actively seek other singles who want to follow the same path.

2. Be Honest With Others

Part of dating with integrity is communicating your needs honestly. This doesn’t mean sitting down on a first date and interrogating the person opposite about their five-year plan.

Rather, being honest with others means dating with a purpose, and only letting yourself get emotionally invested with those who have relationship (and maybe marriage) potential. It also means being mindful of their dating needs by openly and honestly letting them know about your intentions.

3. Be Thankful For The Journey

A big part of approaching the world mindfully is being aware that life is not just about a mad rush to a destination. The journey itself also has value, as it shapes you through triumphs and setbacks.

It’s the same with dating. Be thankful, even for the times when God says no to a relationship. These experiences will shape you to fit your long-term love. By treating yourself and the world around you with this grace, you’ll be ready for that life-changing, spiritual connection.

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