Marriage-Minded Singles: Christian Dating That Leads To Lasting Love

Finding marriage-minded singles in modern America – and around the world – can be tough. But at Christian Mingle, our community of Christian singles are looking for long-lasting, committed relationships. That means, if you’re looking for a relationship with the ultimate goal of getting married and sharing your life with another faith-filled person, Christian Mingle is right for you. It’s time to meet and mingle with marriage-minded singles today.

The Difference Between Marriage-Minded Dating and Other Dating

For most Christians, dating is not just some whimsical activity in which we aimlessly meet other singles we know nothing about. Many Christians are extremely purposeful when it comes to meeting other eligible companions, and they’re likely to adhere to doctrine and follow traditional dating practices despite what the modern world is doing. However, that does not mean they don’t use Christian dating sites for marriage. Thousands of Christians sign up for Christian Mingle every year to meet marriage-minded people whose love for God brought them to our dating app. Rather than joining more trivial sites for ease or quantity, our users elect to be intentional through our faith-forward principles, which also results in more long-term relationships.

Other online dating platforms use free models, simple profile creation, and swipe features to beckon customers, but Christian marriage websites like Christian Mingle strive for much more. We use a comprehensive personality test to learn about you, then inquire what you really prefer in a future spouse by asking faith-based questions and relating that to your overall lifestyle habits. This full-circle evaluation helps feed our intelligent algorithm, which is specifically designed to sift through our vast assortment of profiles to see which marriage-minded people in your area share similar interests and values. We know there are many stipulations when it comes to choosing a potential life partner, but we are confident we can point you in the direction of other like-minded individuals who mirror both your ideals and feelings about the sanctity of marriage.

Overview of Christian Values and Commitment to Marriage

One of the things we’re most proud of at Christian Mingle is the fact that we cater to over 20 denominations underneath the Christian umbrella, and while we celebrate and respect the differentiation in our user base, we understand the specific requirements each specific person has before embarking on a serious, long-term relationship. These are a few of the main values and expectations all Christians must have a commitment to in order to be compatible with users on our dating app.

Faithful Lifestyle

Above all else, our user base expects practicing Christianity to be an instrumental part of your daily life, with regular church attendance, community service participation, and sometimes even Bible studies all being part of your regular routine. This also applies when raising a family, which many marriage-minded folks are hoping to accomplish. After all, that in itself is a task we are destined to fulfill under God’s decree. When combining two individuals’ faith-based habits and fusing them into one spiritual bond, you’re sure to strike a deeper connection with your match. If you don’t feel like you’ve achieved this emotional spark with your match, you may be better suited for someone else.

Routine Prayer

Prayer is a vital ritual that all Christians are supposed to be partaking in daily, but it’s especially important when it comes to looking for a marriage partner. If you feel like you’re in a good place personally, professionally, and financially to pursue marriage, you’ve probably been praying about the decision to move forward in the process of seeking out your ideal spiritual partner. Prayer has undoubtedly been involved before using Christian dating sites for marriage, but Christian Mingle is proud to host users who are open about their prayer habits when indicating their religious preferences, removing uncertainty around what this looks like or means to each particular person.


It should go without saying, but no sanctioned Christian church approves of anything but a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman of God. Contrary to popular belief, even Mormons and the Church of Ladder-Day Saints outlawed this practice over a century ago, and other strict parameters such as not living under the same roof before marriage, not engaging in sexual conduct, and remaining committed to only one partner are all expected of practicing Christians. Those who choose to disobey these commands are actively opposing the word of the Gospel.

Family Values

Like many faith-based relationships in any religion, family plays an important role in making a judgment on your prospective partner, and oftentimes the expectation of similar interests and hobbies can be just as relevant as the spiritual aspects of your lifestyle. Depending on the flexibility of one’s family structure, you may be able to incorporate a more broad range of expected behaviors so long as your faith is unwavering. Most elders and influential people in your circle are more likely to care about your devotion and service to God rather than what music or movies you’re interested in.

Willingness to Serve

All active members of a church body are supposed to participate in service for their community, whether that be during the sermons on Sunday or throughout the week for activities like small group meetings, maintenance around the building, and even volunteer efforts off-site. This sort of engaged behavior is a validation that you’re committed to your congregation, and displays a selfless demeanor that can provide an example to your eventual spouse of how your actions are definitive of the qualities you will bring to a Godly relationship.

 How to Find Marriage-Minded Profiles

The first step to finding spiritual singles on Christian Mingle who align most with your targeted preferences is to create an honest profile. This includes choosing an up-to-date, solo picture showing you in your natural element, answering our religious questionnaire with as many detailed responses as possible, and listing your personal interests and hobbies that set you apart from everyone else. Next, you’ll need to decide which filters are most meaningful to you so that you can narrow down which qualities you’d most like to target in an eventual companion. Remember, with a marriage-minded approach, you’re not just considering what would be nice to have in a partner. You are dictating what your requirements are for an eventual matrimony.

From here, you’ll be able to message the matches Christian Mingle’s algorithm has chosen for you within your preferred search area, and this way you can ask all the pressing questions you may have before deciding on an in-person meeting. If you find yourself attracted to a profile because of a person’s authentic mission statement, there’s no harm in messaging them to engage in faith-based discussions to break the ice. This will give you a better idea of their Christian worldview, and if you’ve both done your duties in filling out your profiles accurately, you should have a lot to talk about.

Tips for Marriage-Minded Dating

Other than blatantly inscribing “looking for a marriage partner” in your profile bio, there are some additional ways you can make your profile stand out from others on Christian Mingle while also stating your intention to meet marriage-minded singles.

  • Be Clear About Goals – Dating with the prospect of marriage as your goal may seem intimidating, but finding God’s ordained partner for you will ultimately require you to state what you envision in a spiritual relationship. You want to make sure those aspirations are both clear and willing to be reciprocated by your eventual match.
  • Communicate Effectively – In addition to stating your endgame, you want to be extremely communicative throughout the messaging and dating process so you can actively troubleshoot any potential concerns or differences that should be addressed. Actively problem-solving and being honest with emotions will ultimately showcase your true compatibility with another person.
  • Show Authenticity – No one likes to play games or have to unravel the true nature of the person they’re dating only to find out it was all manipulation or a ruse, so providing your authentic self in each interaction on Christian marriage websites is essential to not only gaining trust but also validating your ultimate goal of settling down.
  • Exercise Patience – No one is going to find the perfect partner just because they signed up for a dating app, but with intentionality and patience, you will be able to assess your pool of potential matches and engage in insightful communication in order to learn more about each person who seemingly shares many things in common with your particular lifestyle. This is the benefit of being able to date at your own pace.

Consult Advice from Elders – It is always a good practice to speak with those you trust when going through the motions of a developing relationship, and when it comes to more serious decisions like marriage, it’s often common to consult the elders both in your church and household in regards to the person you’re dating and how they might fit in your walk with the Lord.

Marriage-Minded Dating For Christian Singles

Showing your devotion to another person is one of the truest ways to show your love and your commitment to a relationship. Marriage isn’t just a formal ceremony, it’s a seminal part of most Christians’ lives. The bonding of two people is a way to celebrate your love not only for each other, but it’s also your bond with God. We can see this idea of bonding with each other and the Lord repeated it multiple times in scripture. For example, Ecclesiastes 4:12: “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

So, we know that marriage is important to Christian singles lives. Then why can being marriage-minded be tricky in the online dating world? Generally on dating websites and apps, being subtle and mysterious about your intentions can be the default setting for some users. It’s understandable, commitment can be scary for many singles.

However, on Christian Mingle our users come from many different denominations of Christianity with varying beliefs with regard to marriage. But all of them share the desire for a long-term committed relationship and that desire is open. Our dating platform is designed so you can set your preferences so you’ll only ever be matched with singles who share your goal of commitment.

In fact, Christian Mingle is responsible for more Christian marriages than any other Christian dating website according to our 2016 study. Want more proof? Check out our page dedicated to the many Christian Mingle weddings that happen every year. Modern dating for marriage-minded singles can be made that much easier if you’re using Christian Mingle to find your forever friend.  

How Does Dating With Intent Work On Christian Mingle?

If you have a Godly desire for marriage, it makes clear sense to date with the purpose of getting married. You want to be open about your intentions, and ideally date other Christians who share your goals and dreams of wedded bliss. So, how can Christian Mingle help make that happen?

Setting Your Preferences

As previously mentioned, Christian Mingle allows users to set their own preferences in regard to marriage, children, and so on. This allows other users to search and receive matches based on those preferences. So you don’t have to spend your precious time searching for Mr. or Miss Right. We’ll deliver up to seven matches per day based on your specific criteria, prioritizing matches based on your beliefs, values, and marriage-minded goals.

Christianity In All Its Forms!

In the United States, 75% of the population identify with a Christian denomination . But, does identifying with a particular denomination mean you have a close relationship with God? For many Christian singles, actively pursuing that relationship is what counts. This is why we have 23 different Christian denominations to choose from when you set up your profile. You can set your criteria so you only receive matches from your specific branch of Christianity, as well as other faith-based activities, like how often you attend church.

Filling Out Your Profile

Once your preferences are set it’s time for the fun part! Filling out your profile and uploading pictures of yourself at your very best. This part is especially important for marriage-minded singles. On your profile, you can state your intentions and long-term plans so your matches can understand who you are and what you want out of a relationship. But remember to inject your personality into your profile as well! If you’re having trouble thinking about what to include then a great tip is to ask some of your friends and family to describe you as if they were talking to a stranger. Most people find that they forget their most important qualities and hobbies when they’re forced to talk about themselves!

Matching For Your Future

Once you’re all set up you’ll start receiving matches immediately. Remember to give us all your information, because if it’s important to you, then it’s important to us. Soon you’ll be on your way to meeting other marriage-minded single Christian men and Christian women, and potentially becoming one of our famous Success Couples!

How To Meet Marriage-Minded Singles Online

In the US online dating accounts for one-in-three marriages and studies show that marriages made online are stronger, more diverse, and happier overall! Choosing to find your life partner online is a great start, but how do you make your intentions known from the beginning?

Choosing your preferences to only show marriage minded singles is thankfully easy with Christian Mingle, so you know the people you’re chatting to share your views. We also mentioned making it clear on your profile that you’re looking for a serious relationship. This can be as simple as saying ‘I’m looking for someone to make memories with’ or ‘Trying to find my soulmate’. Think about what you want out of a relationship and give it a romantic spin!

Once you’ve decided to meet someone offline you can get to know them more and share your plans for the future. Dating with purpose and intention is easy with Christian Mingle, there’s no need to worry about commitment-phobes. You can start dating free of stress and find your everlasting love today!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Christian Mingle today!