Our Christian Dating App: Find Your Path To True Love

At Christian Mingle our main purpose is to help you on the way to finding that special someone He’s mapped out for you. That said, we’re all too familiar with the fact that for many Christian singles across the US (and around the world!), this can feel like a journey that’s taking a little too long. And that’s without introducing busy lifestyles and family commitments into the mix. But don’t panic, this is exactly why we’ve pooled our experience and created one of the country’s leading Christian dating apps for you to enjoy.

Christian Mingle strives to bring Godly people together. In the competitive world of online dating, it can be difficult the find someone who shares your faith, values, and belief in the Gospel. Other dating apps force you to swipe through hundreds of people with no indication of a shared lifestyle, but Christian Mingle aims to bring Christians together no matter where they are across the globe.

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A Christian Dating App For Everyone

It’s no secret that more and more Christian singles are turning to online dating to find love. Since the advent of the internet a few decades ago, an array of dating sites has flourished catering to people from all backgrounds, persuasions, and walks of life. At Christian Mingle we like to think we embody this inclusivity, offering our members access to one of the most diverse Christian dating communities in the country.

We understand better than the competition that Christianity looks different to many. There are multiple denominations and sects that live among us, and we’re proud to feature that inclusivity on Christian Mingle. Whether you identify as Catholic or Protestant, we want you to feel welcome while also knowing you can filter down to your specific preferences.

While we’re readily available to the millions of Christian singles living in the US and globally, we’re also realistic about the breadth and diversity of the lifestyles our users lead, and how this impacts upon their search for a partner. In short, we want our platform to be as accessible as possible. With this goal in mind, we’ve created a Christian dating app that’s designed to be as uncomplicated and fun to use as possible.

Combining all the great features you’ll find on our desktop site with a mobile-optimized platform, our dating app is built to slot into your life as easily as your phone slides into your pocket. Joking aside, we know how testing it can be to hold out hope, especially when searching for a place to meet other Christian singles outside of work, church, and social circles. Our app opens you up to the possibility of meeting a host of interesting Christian men and women without solely relying on these more traditional routes.

Why Choose Our Christian Dating App?

One of the main reasons for the popularity of our Christian dating app is the experience we bring to the table. Over the years we’ve helped guide thousands of Christian singles toward the partner God has planned for them. This is a feat we’re very proud of, and something we hope instills a little faith when deciding on whether Christian Mingle is the right site for you.

With over 20 years of helping singles break bread on our Christian Dating app, we’ve had quite the success rate and data to back it up. According to a recent survey conducted by Upwave, 29% of all Christian marriages today started on Christian Mingle! What’s even better news is that we recently conducted our survey, which showed 71% of members on the app attend church at least once a week! This should provide added faith to those looking for a God-centered relationship.

Our world is overflowing with God’s wonders, but many fail to appreciate the gift He’s instilled all around us. When looking for a mindful and spiritual partner, we seek not only to worship with them but also to live in His Son’s image alongside each other.

Getting started with us couldn’t be easier. Simply head on over to the app store, download it on either Android or iOS, and then you’re ready to go. To give you a clearer understanding of how our Christian dating app works, let’s take a closer look at some of the great features you can enjoy once you’ve installed it on your smartphone!

Signing Up for Christian Mingle

You may feel apprehensive at first, but signing up for Christian Mingle is quite common amongst God’s children. We’ve found that about 30% of all online daters are interested in faith-based services, and Christian Mingle is the premier option for Christian men and Christian Women.

To sign up for Christian Mingle, you can either download our app on the Android or iOS store or, if you’re prone to browsing from the comfort of your computer, you can access all the same features from our online website, too.

Creating a Profile

To create a profile on Christian Mingle, you’ll have to register with a valid email address, and then create your account by filling out the rest of your information. Once you choose your gender, enter your birthday, and agree to our terms of service, you’ll be on your way!

Select Your Denomination

We understand that everyone’s upbringing and walk with God looks different, and Christian Mingle strives to not only help you find those from your specific denomination, but we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of sects and spiritual focuses from whichever background you come from

Christian Mingle offers the ability to choose from over 23 denominations, featuring anything from Baptist to Mennonite. We also provide more broad spiritual options such as inter- or non-denominational. This way we’re able to include all walks of life and faith from a diverse range of backgrounds so that you can specifically widen or narrow your preferences.

Determine Christian Preferences

Identifying as a Christian is simply not enough detail to match you with your most compatible pick. That’s why we also offer other stipulations, such as how often you attend church each week. This allows us to gauge the sincerity of each individual’s relationship with God and helps you maintain the same level of passion as your match.

Additionally, we’ll ask more family-forward questions, such as your desire to get married and when, and if and how many children you would like to eventually have. All of this valuable information is compiled to ensure Christian Mingle is a dating app Christians can trust.

Upload Your Picture

One of the most important features of any dating profile is your pictures, which tell a story about you before ever interacting with anyone. You want to show your genuine personality and give your potential matches the best representation of you, but a natural smile and realistic image go a long way.

Our compliance team will personally vet each and every profile photo our users upload before they embark on their dating journey. We’ll screen the image to make sure it lines up with who they claim to be, as well as double-check that it’s appropriate and well-suited for the Christian Mingle Community.

Seeing as they provide your matches with a little snapshot of who you are, you’ll want to make sure they dazzle. However, some simple rules apply here: Select a variety of recent shots and ensure they’re well-lit. Once you’ve snapped the perfect pics, adding them to your profile is easy – just upload them directly from your smartphone or sync them straight from your Facebook account. It’s as simple as that!

App Features and User Interface

The Christian Mingle app wants to provide our customers with the most seamless and stress-free Christian dating experience. That’s why we’ve tailored most of our features with a faith-forward approach, making sure all who walk with Him feel included in the space.

Christian Matchmaking

Dating in the Christian community can seem like an uphill battle, but with Christian Mingle, it doesn’t have to be. We seek to learn about you and your relationship with God and pair you with someone with shared values and the willingness to worship alongside you.

With many categorical improvements and filters you can use, attributes like denomination, location, worship habits and more can be toggled to arrange various sets of potential matches who are as casual or strict as you’d like.

Christian Mingle is happy to provide each customer with up to seven matches tailored specifically to them each day. We utilize the strength of our algorithm to parse through all the detailed information each user gives us; that way, those with the most in common will be able to connect, whereas they may not have even come across each other at random.


Our Lookbook feature is another option we offer for browsing potential matches while allowing you to feel your own Christian connection. From the comfort of your own home or anywhere you feel like, you’re able to go through others’ profiles anonymously and see their basic information to determine if it aligns with you. This provides an alternative method and takes away the pressure or stress of having to make a decision on the curated choices Christian Mingle sends.

Meet And Chat With Ease

Above all, our Christian dating app centers on the most important part when meeting new matches: talking! After we’ve matched you with like-minded singles, or you’ve sought them out yourself, it’s time to strike up some conversation. As a Christian Mingle member, you can send and receive messages over the app without even breaking a sweat, it’s just like sending an IM over your phone. If you’re feeling a little shy or just uncertain of what to say, you can send your match a ‘Smile’ instead. It’s the perfect icebreaker to see if the interest is mutual.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of what you can expect when using the Christian Mingle app! Our final slice of advice is to download it and see how it can work wonders for your love life. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be strides closer to the faith-focused relationship you both want and deserve!

Safety Tips for Online Dating

Online dating safety is one of our biggest priorities, and we want to be sure that each of our members feels safe not only in their online interactions but also in the physical encounters that take place outside our Christian dating app.

Stay Private and Be Patient

We know that meeting someone who shares your faith and expresses interest in worship is exciting, but like any first interaction with a stranger, it’s important to be careful about the level of detail you get into.

There’s no need to elaborate on where you live or much of your private life at all. Instead, use the first conversations to come together over Christ, our Lord and Savior. Limit yourself to communications through our app until you feel comfortable, and as you begin to gauge your compatibility, you’ll know when it’s right to meet in person.

Remember, no dating apps Christians use are going to provide the perfect spouse for you on day one. Dating takes time, effort, and prayer, so keep in mind it may require testing the waters first. While faith is critical to our service, no two people are the same, and you still want to have other interests and hobbies in common to ensure a more serious relationship is possible down the road.

Choose Safe Meeting Places

Even once deciding your chemistry has grown, and you’re ready to date in person, it’s important to take measures to make sure your safety won’t be compromised. This begins with getting to and from the location. We recommend you organize your own method of transportation so that if anything happens to arise, you’re not reliant on the other individual.

We always recommend meeting in busier, public spaces to increase the number of people in your surroundings. Not only will you naturally blend in, but you will also have the protection of the accompanying public. It’s always good practice to tell a friend where you’re going too, which gives you a lifeline if things go south.

Never Share Financial Info

It may sound like a no-brainer, but sending money or sharing financial info with a match is never advised. Even though someone appears to be kind or trustworthy, asking for either of these is against our policy and may represent a scam. If you encounter this behavior, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Our Commitment

Safety and security are our top priority when it comes to customers using Christian Mingle, so remember to take these steps if you ever feel like you’re in distress:

  • Customer support is available seven days a week
  • All profiles and photos are reviewed by our compliance team
  • If you ever feel like you’re being harassed or experiencing a fraudulent scheme, contact our team immediately, and we will take appropriate action.

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Compatibility on Different Devices

Whether you’re a mobile user or prefer to access our site from a laptop, iPad, or desktop, Christian Mingle is accessible through a wide range of platforms. Our digital apps and websites share the same features, and meeting Christian singles is easy no matter which way you choose to interact.

Connecting on the App

Christians are multifaceted, with different outlooks and relationships with their faith. This is why Christian Mingle doesn’t want to put our users in a box. If you’re looking for a partner with whom you can share your relationship with God and all its glory, Christian Mingle could be the blessing you’re looking for. Why? Because your relationship with Him is sacred and unique, and your faith is not something worth compromising on.

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