Are You Ready For Dating Sunday This January 5th?

Between the extra events at church and the Christmas get-togethers, the holiday season can be a social whirlwind. For singles online, however, the most social day of the season comes right at the end, with the arrival of ‘Dating Sunday’: aka the first Sunday in January, aka the busiest day for online dating.

But what is exactly is Dating Sunday? And what does it mean for singles on Christian Mingle?

Dating Sunday Is A Great Day To Get Online

Falling on January 5 in 2020, Dating Sunday is often described as the year’s busiest day for online dating. Dating expert Julie Spira even called it ”a national holiday for single daters”.

To us here at Christian Mingle, that makes sense. On our platform, Sundays are the busiest day of the week for online activity, and January is the busiest month. The first Sunday in January then, is perfectly primed to see record numbers of singles online.

Christian Mingle’s CMO Luciana Telles thinks the popularity of the day is due to the fact that that the timing really couldn’t be better for those looking for love. She explains ”Dating Sunday comes at a romantically motivating time of the year. It’s right after people have set New Year’s dating resolutions, and it’s still far enough away from Feb 14 that those who want a relationship for Valentine’s Day have time to start their search”.

Christian Mingle Sees A Boost In All Activity On Dating Sunday

What kind of a Dating Sunday boost can Christian singles expect on Christian Mingle in 2020? To find the answer, it helps to look back at the same day in 2019. Dating Sunday was on Jan 6 in 2019, and – as expected- it was a day of huge boosts in activity, right across the platform. Likes, for instance, shot up by nearly 30%!

graph of Christian Mingle statistics illustrating the Dating Sunday uplift in 2019

Dating Sunday Uplift 2019

  • Active users online: +14%
  • Conversations held: +15%
  • Messages sent: +19%
  • Likes sent: +27%

If Dating Sunday 2020 is anything like Dating Sunday 2019, users can look forward to a significant uptick in online activity, with an above-average amount of likes, messages, and replies. In fact, we’re predicting that Sunday January 5 will the busiest day of the whole Christian Mingle year!.

How You Can Get Dating-Profile-Ready

Brand-new to Christian online dating? Already familiar with the Christian Mingle platform? Either way, the days leading up to Dating Sunday are the perfect time to fine-tune your profile. After all, with all those extra singles around, there’s no better time to make a great first impression!

Your Photos

When you receive your match suggestions, or when you are browsing through members’ profiles, what is the first thing that stands out to you? If you said the profile photo, you wouldn’t be alone! Images humanize a profile, and let you visualize who you are reading about. In other words, they’re vital, and no dating profile is complete without a photo or two.

So what photos should you use? Aim for images that clearly show you. Ideally you’ll want at least one photo that clearly shows your face (no sunglasses!) and one full-body photo. Try to avoid cutesy filters, glamour shots, and group photos – unless of course, it’s you and a group of puppies! If you don’t have any recent photos you like, ask a photography-minded friend to do a small photo shoot with you. Find some natural light, wear something comfortable but flattering, and say cheese.

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Your Profile

Your photos might catch a potential match’s eye, but it’s your online dating profile that lets them glimpse the inner you. Now, you don’t need to write a college admissions essay to make an impact but it is a good idea to let your personality shine. It’s not as hard as it sounds! Simply pick a couple of things that you are passionate about and write a few sentences about each of them.

Remember to keep it positive and to proofread and, if you can, include a question in there too. Saying something like ”I can’t start the day without caffeine – but I always default to plain old filter coffee. What should I try instead?” gives interested people an easy way to break the ice and get chatting.

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Your Move

People will be drawn in by your profile and photos, so you could sit back and wait for someone interesting to message you. However, to truly make the most of both your time online and of Dating Sunday, it makes sense to be proactive. If you see someone you like, reach out and say hello.

Not sure what to write? The biggest tip is to personalize it. Look for something in their profile and mention it in your message. For instance, you might say ”You’re a filter coffee person, huh? Have you tried cold brew? It’s my most recent passion!” Again, you’re not trying to win any essay competitions with your text, nor are you proposing anything more than a hello. What you are doing is taking step one of what could be a path long intended for you.

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Data source: Dating Sunday statistics based on comparing Christian Mingle user activity on 01.06.2019 (Dating Sunday 2019) to averaged Christian Mingle user activity from 12.06.2018-01.05.2019. All data used is anonymous and cannot be traced back to the original user.