Expert Insights: Need Help Finding A Godly Man? Here's How To Do It [VIDEO]

Are you looking for a Godly man but keep meeting not-so-Godly boys? In the video below, YouTuber alittleaboutalot interviews her pastor husband about Christian dating. Specifically, they’re tackling the question of how single Christian women can meet men who will be equally yoked, and equally passionate about starting a spiritual, worshipful life together. If you need help finding a Godly man, this video is a great place to start!

Finding A Godly Man [Video]

The Difficulties Of Meeting Godly Men

As the video opens, most of you will already be nodding along with the statement ”It’s hard to find faithful people. Period.” Because it is! When you’re a single Christian, it’t not easy to meet others with the same values, whether you’re seeking romance or just friendship. Some days it might even seem that  – at best – all you meet are lukewarm Christians, people who see faith as decoration rather than a way of life.

And that’s where the next truth-bomb comes in. ”The laws of attraction are not you get what you want. You can’t just write it down, or draw a picture, or speak it to the universe.” Instead, finding a Godly man starts with you acting out those wishes. You can’t just give the universe your expectations. You have to walk that talk.

Be The One You Want To Meet

At the heart of the video is a simple idea: you attract what you are: ”If you want somebody Godly, you gotta be Godly…if you want someone that’s attractive, you be attractive. If you want someone encouraging, be encouraging.” To meet Godly people, you have to act in Godliness. Is that’s simple.

The reasoning is that like attracts like, and good people are attracted to good things. If, for instance, you want to meet someone who values encouragement, be someone who encourages. If you want to start finding a Godly man, make sure that you are a Godly woman. When you start to live and breathe those values, you’ll find that you draw in people who value the same things.

Look In The Right Places

Another tip from the video is that meeting intentional, Christian singles starts with being mindful enough to look the right places. Finding a Godly man means creating healthy boundaries, and only looking for love within those grounds. As it’s stated above: ”You’re not going to find him in a bunch of negativity. You’re not going to find him on drugs, you’re not going to find him getting drunk – you’re going to find him doing good things.”

In other words, forget looking for love in bars or nightclubs. Godly men aren’t there. Instead, start doing good things – because that’s where the good men are.


One final takeaway from the video – if you’ve ever despaired of finding a Godly man, remember this: ”you only need one.” You don’t have to meet hundreds of great men to find love. You just have to meet one. Your one. The one sent from the Lord. Pray for him – because he’s out there!

Meeting Mr. Wonderful is pretty easy if you choose to be Miss Wonderful first. This starts with following God with your mind, heart and soul. It ends with that, too.

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About the authoralittleaboutalot is a Christian vlogger who makes insightful, warm videos about faith, life, beauty, parenting, being a pastor’s wife – and everything in between! Above all, she prizes encouragement. You can find more of her inspiring videos on YouTube, and connect with her on Facebook.