Faith And Relationships: One Heart That Beats For Two People

Did you know that faith and relationships must go hand-in-hand? It doesn’t matter if it is platonic or romantic – faith plays a vital role in relationships of all kind. Though love is certainly most important, faith is a necessary component to protect love. That’s because, just as hate is the opposite of love, fear is the opposite of faith. And, with regard to relationships, fear is certainly a saboteur.

The good news is that faith abolishes fear, nurtures trust and fuels hope and love. It is the foundation for a healthy relationship of any kind. Faith and relationships are a powerful combination.

Three Ways Faith And Relationships Must Go Together

Faith And Family

When it comes to faith and relationships between family members, you could say that faith is the glue that holds families together. Any family that prioritizes faith – in God, in the family unit, in each other and in themselves as individuals – is more likely to stay connected through the good, bad and ugly of life.

Where fear causes panic, chaos and separation in a storm, faith allows everyone to remember this too shall pass.

Faith And Friends

Friendships are another example of faith and relationships making each other stronger. Your faith gives you trust that each person will respect and honor the other. Additionally, faith is what keeps friends connected when time and space become an otherwise distancing factor.

Again, since faith is the opposite of fear, it prevents friends from fearing abandonment or loss. It reminds each individual that love is limitless and knows no space or time. As such, faith keeps friends from sabotaging the relationship due to fear and allows it to be nurtured through faith alone when geographical, marital, maternal or paternal changes take place.

Faith And Forever Love

There is no greater call to unite faith and relationships than in regards to romantic love. A spiritual, faith-filled connection truly is the heart that beats for two people. In fact, it has often been said by elderly couples who share the secrets of their marriage’s longevity, “We never gave up on the same day.”

Having faith not just for yourself but for another is the true essence of love. Holding space and keeping faith in one another, the relationship, God’s plan, yourselves and love itself carries the relationship into eternity. For long-term or lifetime commitments, faith is key to the relationship’s health and longevity.

Faith Preserves Love

With faith in place, love never dies. No matter the category of relationship – whether with family, friends, significant others or with our brothers and sisters (God’s children) throughout the world – faith is the seed and the sunlight. It is the founding essence of every connection, including the one we have with ourselves and our Creator, and it is the light that we look to for guidance and growth.

In that way, faith is not simply the heart that beats for two people. It is a heart that beats for the entire planet, the pounding heartbeat of the universe, the direct line of connection to God.

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