The 20 Greatest Christian Country Songs

Christian music artists and country songs are a paring up there with blue jeans and check shirts, or flatbed trucks and starry nights: they just fit together perfectly. And we’ve found 20 of the best-ever Christian country songs. Whether they’re tracks about turning to God in moments of heartbreak, or celebrations of His never-ending love for us, these songs are made for playing out loud and singing along.

So – can we get a giant AMEN followed by a Yeee Haw for these amazing Christian country songs? Whether it’s classic country, folky Americana or a song with a dash of Southern gospel, these 20 songs will fill you with His love.

The Influence of Faith on Country Music

The relationship between Christianity and country music is one that was destined to happen because, with cowboys and other settlers moving westward, folk songs began being played around campfires and in more rural areas. And because these people were embarking on an exciting yet perilous expansion, they relied on their faith to guide them throughout their journey.

Song topics of life’s hardships and the necessity to look to God for guidance became popular themes, which brought real accounts from real people to life through country music. This form of storytelling and recounting experiences appealed to many rural communities who shared similar lifestyles, and the genre became a sort of anthem for the blue-collar people who lived further away from society.

Gospel was another major influence on country music, and this was largely because Christianity was at the foundation of the genre. Similar in their core subject matters of redemption and salvation, many prominent country artists, including Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, began their careers performing gospel and proclaiming their faith in that way. But as country began to grow popular over time, it quickly adopted many of its themes and lyrical inspiration from gospel, as both types of music followed Christian worldviews.

Power of Music in Spreading Faith

Worship is one of the most important practices in the Christian faith, and proclaiming the Gospel through music is quite literally how the genre of the same name came to be. With a strong passion for praising the Lord in song, Christians began converting passages of the Bible into tunes that could be performed in churches across the country, allowing the Godly themes to resonate with millions across the country. As gospel went mainstream, people appreciated the authenticity and earnest nature of the songs, and began to cheer on its progression into country music.

Christian musical themes are often prominent in church performances or during other spiritual gatherings, but once they’re able to reach a secular audience on the radio or streaming services, their impact can be much greater. Because both gospel and Christian country music rely on the journey one has with one’s personal faith, the emotional connection that can be made to the lyrical content and how it applies to your life directly can be profound. Being able to spread that message with other Christians or non-believers is equally as powerful.

Christian Themes in Mainstream Country

In the modern day, and with so many denominations in Christianity alone, it can be difficult to break into popular music with themes largely about faith, family values, or redemption when they may sound more melancholic. However, country has always remained closely tied to the Christian beliefs that are expressed in the Bible, and while today they may be more subtle than in older country Christian songs, the topics being written about are often rooted in faith but may be sung in a broader delivery which appeals to the masses.

And while some artists are unapologetically Christian (which is great), it can be much more strategic in the music industry to bake your morals in deeply with more elaborate lyrical content and musical composition. This way, the overarching message reaches listeners far and wide, and today, you see many country artists doing this so that they don’t alienate any of their audience, even if they share differing beliefs. Like any Christian, it’s hoping that the true message of the gospel will influence the listeners in some way, shape, or form.

Impact of Top Christian Country Songs

While Christian country music songs resonated with many in the heartland long before the genre went mainstream, their acceptance and promotion in popular culture have proved to be impactful for many listeners. Whether you identify as a Christian or not, these songs had the ability to bring hope and inspiration in times of uncertainty, and seeing that sort of representation and being able to identify with notable names in the music industry not only catered to faithful audiences but gave them figure to look up to.

“I Saw the Light” by Hank Williams is widely regarded as one of the first well-known country Christian songs and shows the power that adopting Christ as your savior can have on a once-jaded individual. Kris Kristofferson is another example of a classic voice with strong Christian values, evident in songs like “Why Me,” where the country singer actually based the tune on his own spiritual awakening. “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood is an example of a contemporary track that struck emotional chords in many, and it proved that there’s still a demand for uplifting Christian country songs in modern times.

Artists Behind the Songs

Throughout the rise of country music as a popular genre, many names have appeared at the top of the charts, and oftentimes some of the most popular songs in an entire calendar year or even decade have been Christian country music songs. One of the other notable names who got his beginnings in gospel was Johnny Cash, and his strong faith was often evident in tons of his music, even once he branched more into country and gained fame. His religious concepts were hard to miss for even the casual listeners, and his trips to places like prisons to perform showed his willingness to reach audiences in need.

Randy Travis is another great example of a man of faith who honored the Lord through his music. Travis also began his career in gospel and recorded numerous albums in this style, but songs like “Three Wooden Crosses” really solidified his commitment to music as an outlet of faith, as he fearlessly tells of his own journey of redemption and sacrifice in hopes that it will inspire others.

At the end of the day, many of these artists have grown up in mostly Christian homes and communities, and the ties they have to their country, folk, and gospel roots allowed them to spread the joy they have in their faith with the masses thanks to their musical talents. Understanding the life experiences and stories of these individuals’ walk with Christ is not only empowering for the listener but often cathartic for the artists themselves.

20 Of Our Favorite Christian Country Songs

1. Randy House – Back To God (2008)
Lyrics we love: You can hope the best, make a wish, the only answer is/We give this world back to God

2. Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take The Wheel (2005)
Lyrics we love: And save me from this road I’m on/Jesus, take the wheel

3. Tom McConnelll – Handiwork (2014)
Lyrics we love: And I was designed with his grace in mind/So I can abide in Him until the day is done

4. Sara Evans – There’s Only One (1998)
Lyrics we love: There’s only one thing that matters/It’s God’s love

5. Josh Turner – Long Black Train (2003)
Lyrics we love: You can look to the skies/You can find redemption/Staring back into your eyes

6. Dolly Parton – He’s Alive (1989)
Lyrics we love: And every fear I ever had/Just melted into peace

7. Kris Kristofferson – Why Me Lord (1972)
Lyrics we love: Now that I know that I’ve need you so/Help me Jesus, my soul’s in your hand

8. Wynonna – Heaven Help My Heart (1996)
Lyrics we love: I put my faith in you/And I say a little prayer and hope that it comes true

9. Brad Paisley ft. Dolly Parton – When I Get Where I’m Going (2005)
Lyrics we love: I’ll stand forever in the light/Of His amazing grace

10. Vince Gill – Go Rest High On That Mountain (1994)
Lyrics we love: Go to heaven a-shoutin’/Love for the Father and the Son

11. Martina McBride – Reluctant Daughter (2003)
Lyrics we love: Jesus, tell my Father/I wanna be His child again

12. Diamond Rio – Moments Of Heaven On Earth (2002)
Lyrics we love: Love is forever but it’s held together/By moments of heaven on earth

13. Rascal Flatts – He Ain’t The Leaving Kind (2006)
Lyrics we love: No matter where you go/He’s always right there with you

14. Steve Wariner – Holes In The Floor Of Heaven (1998)
Lyrics we love: There’s holes in the floor of Heaven/And she’s watching over you and me

15. Craig Morgan – That’s What I Love About Sunday (2005)
Lyrics we love: That’s what I love about Sunday/Sing along as the choir sways

16. Brooks & Dunn – Believe (2003)
Lyrics we love: They tell me that there’s more to life/Than just what I can see

17. Rhett Walker – When Mercy Found Me (2012)
Lyrics we love: My Savior’s arms were open wide/And I felt love for the very first time

18. George Strait – I Saw God Today (2008)
Lyrics we love: His fingerprints are everywhere/I just look down and stop and stare

19. Wynonna – I Can’t Wait To Meet You (2000)
Lyrics we love: I’ll never be enough to give what You give me/But I can sing my heart out for You and tell everybody

20. Luke Bryan – Pray About Everything (2007)
Lyrics we love: Don’t worry ’bout nothing/Pray about everything

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