21 Of The Best-Ever Christian Love Songs

Whether you’ve met someone special, or whether you’re waiting for Him to reveal that life-changing connection, sometimes all you want to do is embrace the romantic side of life and listen to some mushy music. Yet, this can be tricky for Christians: CCM charts are often more about worship songs than love songs, while the love songs on popular, secular music charts can have themes that are hard to relate to.

But, with a little digging, it’s possible to find truly beautiful, truly Christian love songs that embrace romance and Christian values. And, in our handpicked SpotifyⓇ playlist, you can find 21 of the best!

While not all of the artists included are from the Contemporary Christian charts, all the musicians in our list all identify as Christian – and that means their love songs are easy to connect with. Sit back, turn the music up, and enjoy these 21 meaningful Christian songs about love.

21 Beautiful Christian Love Songs

1. Dave Barnes – Good Day for Marrying You (2015)
Best love lyric: ‘’It’s good day, it’s about to get better/every dream is about to come true’’
Grammy nominee Dave Barnes has more devout tracks, but this is his most joyful. It’s so lovely that it’s a must-have for any list of Christian love songs (and would make a great addition to a wedding playlist too!). Play it loud and embrace the happiness love brings.

2. Moriah Peters  – I’ll Wait For You (2014)
Best love lyric: ‘So love wait for me/I’ll wait for you love’’
When you’re waiting for true love and all the joys that come with it, it can feel like a long, winding road. Yet, as this dreamy Christian love song points out, it doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. After all, somewhere out there, your future spouse is on the same path. Fun fact: Peters wrote this song with husband Joel, member of the band For King & Country (#16 on this list). And yes, he waited for her too.

3. Josh Wilson – Always Only You (2011)
Best love lyric: ‘I’m gonna love you always/even on the not-so sunny days’’
A truly cute love song, this track follows a couple in their first year of marriage. Their house is rented, their date nights have a budget, kids are still a future dream – but none of that matters. They have each other and the beautiful promise that this love will last and grow.

4. Amy Grant  – Every Heartbeat (1991)
Best love lyric: ‘’Classic case of boy meets girl/Moving in the same direction’’
Due to placing on both the Christian and the secular charts, Amy Grant’s songs can be read in two ways. Take this track: it’s a top-10 love song, right? Yes… but those in the know can find lyrical clues like ‘I’ve got a witness’ or ‘give my testimony’ that suggest something richer.

5. Tom McConnell  – The Wedding Song (2014)
Best lyric: ‘’Two become one of the same/and they’ll be living in the light of Jesus’ name’’
This sweet folk song captures the romantic love of a couple on the edge of a beautiful journey. It’s also a letter of loving friendship from singer Tom McConnell, who can’t make the wedding, but who can pray and sing for their happiness. It’s love, love, love everywhere!

6. Joy Hanna – Something to My Heart (2017)
Best love lyric: ‘’I can’t seem to concentrate/I’m thinking about the way you say my name’’
Ever met someone who sends you spinning with giddy glee? This is the CCM love song for you. It perfectly sums up those gorgeous early days of a relationship, when they’re all you can think about. It’s an incredibly uplifting feeling – fitting then, that Hanna’s first name is Joy.  

7. Brandon Heath – Love Will Be Enough For Us (2012)
Best lyric:‘’Where it’s you and me baby and the daffodils/Kids growing up in the rolling hills’’
If you’ve ever been stuck in the city grind, dreaming of a simpler, more joyful life, then this is the love song for you. For now it’s a concrete high rise, but one day there will be rivers and green grass and a batch of kids and a life full of love. As dreams go, this one is beautiful.

8. Ben Rector – I Like You (2013)
‘‘Life is not the mountain tops/It’s the walking in between/and I like you walking next to me’’
Cinematic love is all about the peaks of romance: you dash to the airport, or kiss in the rain, and the credits roll. But real love has far gentler rhythms. As Ben Rector sings, if you can just like someone and have faith in them day after day, that’s a true and wonderful blessing.

9. Jamie Grace (ft Tobymac) – Hold Me (2011)
Best love lyric: ‘’I love you more than the words in my brain can express’’
Some Christian love songs start as a love letter to a person, and end up as a love letter to the Lord. The Grammy-nominated, Dove-winning Hold Me is a great example. His love makes Jamie Grace shine, and she wants the world to know. We can’t help but sing along.

10. Jimmy Needham – Unfailing Love (Kelly’s Song) (2008)
Best love lyric: ‘’And all the promises He promises to us He promises will never be undone’’
Of course, not all Christian love songs are about Him. Some truly are about the romantic love of a couple, growing together as they grow in Christ. Jimmy Needham’s Unfailing Love is the latter: this couple is united by their love of God, and their promise of love to each other. An extra-sweet fact – Needham wrote this song as his proposal to wife Kelly.¹

11. JJ Heller – Meant To Be (2015)
Best love lyric:‘‘’When God made you/He already knew/That we were meant to be’’
Whether you’re waiting on God to lead someone into your life, or whether He’s already blessed you, this Christian love song will pull on your heart in just the right away. It shows that love doesn’t need grand gestures: true couple goals lie in giving more than you take.

 12. Jonny Diaz – Thank God I Got Her (2014)
Best love lyric: ‘’I might not get her/But thank God I got her’’
Infatuation is seeing your partner as flawless. Love is realizing that they have flaws and quirks and adoring them anyway. Jonny Diaz might not get his wife’s idiosyncrasies but she’s still ‘’everything I didn’t know I needed.’’ Proof that God really does know our hearts!

13. Jessa Anderson – Caught Me By Surprise (2014)
Best love lyric: ‘’So much more than next in line, for the rest of my life you’ll be by my side’’
Christian singer-songwriter Jessa Anderson is known for her heartfelt, poetic lyrics. Here, she adds happiness too, as she sings of a love that she wasn’t expecting but that lit up her whole world. It’s a song to inspire hope for anyone feeling stuck in a season of singleness.

14. For KING & COUNTRY – This is Love (2015)
Best love lyric: ‘’I know love is kind/Thank God I saw the sign’’
For KING & COUNTRY’s stirring beats and uplifting lyrics have made a huge impact on contemporary Christian pop, even winning them artist of the year at the 2016 Dove awards. Here, they turn their talents to a love song, creating something both heartfelt and exultant – and very romantic.

15. Sanctus Real – Commitment (2013)
Best love lyric: ‘’We’ve seen His faithfulness and grace and I wanna love you that way’’
For many Christian singles, purposeful dating is the path to a life full of love and grace. Happily, many Christian love songs follow these same ideals. In this Sanctus Real track, for instance, commitment isn’t something to be afraid of. Instead, it’s the key to life’s riches.    

16. Andrew Peterson – My One Safe Place (2015)
Best love lyric: ‘’I believe that He brought us together/ and You are my one safe place’’
One of the ways you know you’ve found true love is that, with them, you feel safe. The world can roar and scream around you, but with them to come home to, you always have a harbor to rest in. And this sweet track perfectly encapsulates the awe of finding such a love.

17. Jillian Edwards – A Thousand Years (2014)
Best love lyric: ‘’When heaven wakes my soul/You are the foreshadow of that life’’
CCM star Jillian Edwards’ track sums up the wondrous permanence of Christian love. Her lyrics about having too much love for one lifetime remind us that, although we know bliss now, the blessings of His Kingdom will be even more glorious, especially when shared.

18. Chris Rice – Lemonade (2007)
Best love lyric: ‘’I can hardly breathe while waiting/To find out what your heart is saying’’
Never mind the cliche – sometimes life doesn’t give you lemons, it just lets you skip straight to the sweet delight of lemonade. With God’s help, Dove Award favorite Rice has found just such a lemonade relationship with his wife. His joy is inspiring for anyone looking for love.

19. Dan Bremnes – Going Together (2018)
Best love lyric: ‘’Cause this love we share/Is an answered prayer’’
Truly great partners never stop learning and growing together. Change is inevitable, but with strong love it’s easy to weather. Ten years into marriage, Dan Bremnes’ love song for his wife sums this up perfectly (and the music video of their journey might just make you tear up!).

20. Brooke Fraser – Something in the Water (2010)
Best love lyric: ‘’I’ve got halos made of summer/Ribbons made of spring’’
Today she’s Brooke Ligertwood and a member of Hillsong Worship, but Brooke Fraser is still best known by the family name under which she sang about the kind of love that gets you dancing and non-stop smiling. As an ode to a relationship’s smitten early days, it’s perfect.

21. Jason Gray – With Every Act of Love (2014)
Best love lyric: We bring the kingdom come/With every act of love’’
Christian love songs can include romantic songs for couples and sometimes even worship songs that celebrate God. But, no matter the subject, the common theme is love. Love makes the world a richer. more tolerant place, and, as Jason Gray puts it, acts of love are our way of helping to spread His Kingdom here on Earth. Be it through acts of courtship or of charity, that’s up to you. What matters is that you give and love in the way that He loves us.

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