Lorraine & Paul: ''We feel that God intended for us to be together''

We are both committed Christians and had been praying to fill the void our respective, deceased spouses had left.  I sent Paul a “Smile” last year on February 22nd.  He replied straight away, and we started talking.  We were Skyping all hours of the day, as I am British and lived in England, so our hours were unsocial.

On the 14th of March, Paul proposed, and I accepted.  On the 16th of April, he came to England, but we decided to settle in America.

We feel that God intended for us to be together

We got married in England and had a civil ceremony on the 23rd of May, but a proper Christian Blessing at my church on the 26th of July.  We moved to Barlow, Kentucky on September 23rd, and here we live with our 6 cats and 1 dog.  We found a fabulous Church in Paducah.

We feel that God intended for us to be together, and we both prayed at the same time for someone and… here we are.

Thank you Christian Mingle for being God’s enabler for us to be together.

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