Paige & Justin: ''What an amazing blessing God has given us!''

Paige and Justin were married September, 2018, and are now expecting their first child. Christian Mingle is so proud to have been a part of their love story and wish them every happiness for their future together.

How did you meet? What was your first date like? Tell us all the details!

We met on Christian Mingle in October of 2016, he’s from Michigan, but he was going to school in New York. I lived in California, so distance was definitely a factor.

I knew he was going to be something so special.

We talked, texted, and would FaceTime everyday, and did so for six months before he bought his first ticket to fly out to San Francisco, where we had our first date. I had so many butterflies, and was so excited to finally meet this wonderful guy after so long.

We had so much fun walking on the bridge and the pier, holding hands, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. I knew he was going to be something so special.

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!

Justin and I would spend time together, we would always have so much fun! There was one moment when we were watching one of his favorite movies, he said something, and he just started laughing and laughing, and when I looked at him, both of us smiling super big, I knew I loved him.

This man brings me so much joy, I knew I loved him. We would fly out to each other every 2-3 months, and every time I would arrive at that airport, I had a million butterflies fluttering around me.

We are now starting our own family, due September 2019!

In September 2018, we got married and moved to Michigan, where we are now starting our own family, due September 2019! I still get butterflies around him. What an amazing blessing God has given us, He has grown our love for each other, and now taking us on a whole new adventure as our own little family!

What advice would you give other Christian Mingle members?

Trust in the Lord with everything, if it’s in His will, it will happen, no matter the distance!

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