Alexsandra & Tim: "God gave me much more than I asked for. We are very happy!"

Alexsandra & Tim first connected on Christian Mingle after Alexsandra turned to God and prayed for a protective and caring man. God answered those prayers, and now they are happily married! Thank you for sharing your story with us at Christian Mingle, and we wish you a beautiful and bright future together. 


What can you tell us about the wedding?

“I was praying for months to find someone to be a partner, following Jesus’ ways and having the same goal of salvation. And God gave me much more than I asked for! A protective, caring, lovely and a genial man !! We are very happy!!”

How did you meet? What was your first date like?

“He got in touch first, we exchanged messages, emails, and then he took the initiative to come and visit me in Boston, since he was living in Kentucky. It was a very kind, respectful meeting, we went to watch the church service in the morning and spent the rest of the day with a good conversation, then we took a tour of the city. The next day we met again, we had lunch together, he presented me with a massage session on Envy, flowers and other gifts and another tour of the city of Boston.”

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!

“My moments of prayer, I asked God for specific demonstrations of love on his part. And as time went by, I had evidence that God was in charge of this relationship and choice for my life!”

What advice would you give other Christian Mingle members, who are still looking for love?

“Do not be in a hurry, pray a lot, and try to know the past, the purpose of your future partner, who loves God above all!”


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