Melissa & Charlie: ''God always has the best plans despite our own''

Melissa & Charlie were married October 27, 2018. Christian Mingle is delighted to have played a role in their love story and wishes them every happiness for their future together.


How did you meet? What was your first date like? Tell us all the details!

Melissa had recently moved to South Carolina and decided to set up a profile to potentially begin to date. She said the one thing she was not interested in was meeting anyone to get to know who was long distance. God always has the best plans despite our own.

She was too beautiful to be real.

We were both online one night at the same time and I checked out Melissa’s profile but quickly dismissed it believing it was fake. She was too beautiful to be real. Melissa noticed that I looked at her profile and after reading mine she was impressed with what she read. She later said she was intrigued by my commitment to Christ, sense of humor, and work as a youth pastor as she loved working with kids too in the field of mental health. She sent me a smile and I quickly responded.

We chatted and shared our passion for our work with kids and testimonies with each other. I was blown away by her character and love for Jesus. The next day we began to text for hours at a time everyday. We talked about our values and future goals, shared verses, and opened up about our lives. The conversation never stopped and as we continued to text I knew she was someone special. I asked her after a few days if she wanted to start talking on the phone and she said yes. I called her for the first time on Easter Sunday (April 1) and we talked all night for six hours.

We knew this night that we were falling in love

It felt like we knew each other forever and we both admitted later that we knew this night that we were falling in love. This continued for a few weeks before we decided that we needed to meet in person. Melissa visited me in Tampa for the weekend on April 20 and I visited her in Charleston soon after.

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We traveled back and forth visiting each other and had an amazing time exploring and getting to know each other on a deeper level as we continued to develop a deep foundation of built upon our love of Jesus, trust, and communication. She met my family and in July we flew to her hometown in New York so that I could meet hers and gain her parents’ blessing.

We got engaged on July 20th (three months after our first visit). We got married on October 27 and have been happily enjoying married life together since.

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!

We both knew after the first phone call. We ended up talking all night for six hours and it felt like we knew each other forever. We were so comfortable talking about our lives and were able to laugh and open up right away.

What advice would you give other Christian Mingle members?

Be open to God’s plan and be true to yourself in the process of getting to know someone. Place Him in the center of your relationship.

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