Katherine & Brian: "Our love has been like a warm coal and a long-burning fire."

Katherine and Brian felt as though they were old friends when they met for the first time, and couldn’t wait for a second date. Now they are happily married and enjoying life together! Christian Mingle is so pleased to have played a role in their love story and wishes them all the best for a lifetime of happiness together!

What can you tell us about the wedding?

“We were married at our church, Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, in Baltimore, MD. The wedding took place after Liturgy on a Sunday afternoon. Sunday is the traditional day for weddings in the Eastern Orthodox church. The betrothal, when the priest placed the rings on our right ring fingers, took place at the back of the church. He led us to the front as the choir sang. I hesitated in my last step just enough to be sure that my groom would step on the pidnozhnyk (little cloth on which the bride and groom stand) first, ensuring that, as the tradition goes, he would wear the pants in the family. Our sponsors stood behind us. We definitely felt married once the service was finished. My parents and an aunt and uncle sat up front, and my brother sat on the floor taking pictures. Friends and family from the church and from near and far surrounded us with their presence and love.”

How did you meet? What was your first date like?

“We met on Christian Mingle and chatted online for about two weeks before meeting at Panera a few days after Christmas. We got our drinks and sat down in a booth and started talking like old friends — funny, as we are both very reserved. The next thing we knew, an employee was letting us know the shop had closed a while ago. We could not wait to see one another, so we had our second date three days later!”

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!

“We knew from one another’s profiles that we were both different. Our love has been like a warm coal and a long-burning fire. We’ve never had fireworks. Probably Holy Week 2017 would be the “moment.” We were staying at the rectory for the week so that we could attend all of the day and evening services and help to tend the church between services. On Holy Thursday, after the morning service, we took a drive to see a property Brian was considering buying. The land had only a shell of a house. As I sat on what would have been a windowsill, looking over the property, I thought to myself, “I can see a life with this man.” About two months later, he proposed.”

What advice would you give other Christian Mingle members, who are still looking for love?

“Pray. Ask God to do what is best for you. Put Him in the driver’s seat. Be patient. Timelines have a way of getting kicked way off schedule. Never compromise you values.”


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