Elaine & Robbie: "You never know if online dating will work for you - you just have to try it out!"

Elaine and Robbie’s connection continues to blossom after over two years of marriage. They were married on July 28th, 2017, and Christian Mingle is delighted to have helped bring them together. We wish them all the best for a lifetime of happiness together! 

How did you meet? What was your first date like? Tell us all the details!

“Robbie messaged me on Christian Mingle not two weeks after I joined the site! He was witty and charming and we hit it off! He offered to call me, and we chatted for hours for the next couple of weeks! From there we decided to meet up at a local cafe and finally meet in person. We chatted about life and our goals over iced coffees and a stroll in a scenic downtown area. Little did I know, he would propose to me in the same location as our first date. The rest is history!”

Christian Mingle Success Couple Elaine and Robbie

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!

“I am now a firm believer that true love is developed over time and marriage refines that love even more as you experience trials and victories, changes and joys together! As far as my first taste of real love when we dated, I felt that he could be ‘the one’ by the third or fourth date! We were out in my parent’s backyard chatting into the night and gazing at the stars (very romantic-sounding, I know – it was!) and Robbie kissed me for the first time – on the forehead, gently. He got my attention that very first date though!”

What advice would you give other Christian Mingle members?

“My advice to Christian Mingle members would be to be authentically you – including in the photos you choose to post of yourself! Some of us feel as though we have to put up a facade to appear “cool.” But quite frankly, love is for those who are prepared to be vulnerable with another person – hopefully for life!

“It is important to be careful with personal information as you need to gradually get to trust and know another, but never lie or exaggerate the truth – be personable, talk about significant things, and look for red flags – don’t settle for less! Also, don’t be afraid to be silly (I used to post fun facts about myself that were out-of-the-blue). My last bit of advice is to be prepared for the unknown – we like to control the outcome of things, but you never know if online dating will work for you – you just have to try it out!”

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