Cassie & Caleb: ''We wanted a Christ-centered love and we found it''

Cassie and Caleb were married November 17, 2017. Christian Mingle is so happy to have been a part of their love story and wish them every joy for their future together.


How did you meet? What was your first date like? Tell us all the details!

Cassie & Caleb after a Painting With a Twist date (


Gosh, her smile hit my heart.

It was kind of awkward but fun at the same time. Our first date was via Skype – I lived in Cleveland, MS, and she lived in Kansas at the time.  I’m kind of a classic guy, so buying flowers on the first date is something I enjoyed doing.

Because she lived far away, it was hard to know which flower shops were best in the area. So I bought flowers at my local flower shop and as she appeared on screen I showed them to her.

Her smile could light up a room. She had the cutest dimples, and we talked for a long while. We both had a loves for The Walking Dead at the time, so it was fun sharing our love for the different characters and personas on the television show. Before this we had just shared things on social media, and had a phone call or two.

But when we looked at each other, it was something special. Gosh, her smile hit my heart. She told me her faith story, and I told her mine. We wanted a Christ-centered love and we found it.


It felt like a scene straight out of a movie!

We lived in different states 600 miles away from each other. After 2 months of Skype dates & FaceTime dates we finally got the chance to meet and it felt like a scene straight out of a movie!

He flew to see me and met my mother first on his connecting flight in my hometown before heading my way. We got pizza for dinner, went to Dave & Busters and danced on the yellow brick road in Kansas. It was a dream!

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!

Cassie: We were walking into an outdoor mall in Kansas at night headed to Dave & Busters; no one was around but the music was still playing. I remember like it was yesterday; Collide by Howie Day is playing as we’re walking over the yellow brick road.

I knew he was the one for me

He stops me and grabs my hands very nonchalantly and asks me for a dance. I knew he was the one for me in those moments of carelessness of the world around us as we dance until the song ends.

Caleb: I knew I liked her a lot. We both could quote the entire Shrek movie to one another. I knew she loved God because we would dive into scripture together. And I knew I loved Cassie after her first visit to my hometown.

Cassie and I had been Skyping for 4 months. Sometime 1 hour, sometimes 6 hours, just talking to one another. I had visited her in Kansas, but when she came to Cleveland, something happened. After our visit, she was about to head back, but she couldn’t push herself to leave. I feel like she felt the weight of the world on her shoulders in that moment. She didn’t live near family, she didn’t live near me, and she was hoping to find a better job opportunity than her current one. She panicked, she couldn’t leave my home town.

Cassie & Caleb’s wedding day, thanks to Ryan O’Dowd Photography (

I knew Christ had placed a love in me for this woman that wasn’t merely fleeting, but a love that would sustain and eventually lead us to marriage

In that moment, oddly enough, in that pit of darkness she was feeling, I knew I loved her. I knew I wanted to give her all the love and support I could to see her through not just this moment, but any future moment that could cause her harm. I knew Christ had placed a love in me for this woman that wasn’t merely fleeting, but a love that would sustain and eventually lead us to marriage. I love Cassie Holder.

What advice would you give other Christian Mingle members?

Caleb: Don’t be afraid to open up. Don’t worry about denominations. God is ultimately in control, allow God to lead you into the relationship your supposed to be in. Maybe that moment isn’t right now, or maybe it is. God is good through it all.

Cassie: I went into it with no expectations of anything. No idea of the perfect person. I just had fun with it and joked. I didn’t take it seriously. My husband came to me when I least expected it.

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