Should I Try Online Dating? Why It's Never A Last Resort

Think about the last time you got asked out in public. These days, it just doesn’t seem to happen that often. Even then, your odds of finding someone who you really connect with are pretty limited. This is even harder when you want to meet singles who are strong in their Christian faith. That’s where online dating comes in – it’s never a last resort. If you’re thinking should I try online dating, here’s why the answer is a resounding yes!

Expanding The Possibilities

Have you ever asked yourself should I try online dating? Here’s a great reason to start: online dating is a great way to connect with other Christian singles.

Online dating opens up new opportunities to meet people you may not have come across naturally out in public. Unlike being limited to the specific clientele at your local hangout, online dating allows you to narrow the thousands of men and women available in your area down to the people you’d actually be interested in getting to know.

Approaching someone in public is a bit daunting, isn’t it? You don’t know if they’re single, let alone looking for a relationship! But online, you know that someone is marriage minded before you say hello. What more, the right dating site will tell you what you have in common – making it even easier to reach out. Just as social media makes it easier to connect with friends and family, online dating makes it easier to approach that person you think you’d enjoy dating.

Like-Minded Relationships

There’s more to online dating than just an easier way to meet new people, however. One of the best things about this way to date is that it helps you find like-minded people within a few clicks. For many, that means the chance to network with fellow believers.

Being able to answer the should I try online dating question might be a case of setting your priorities. If your top priority in dating is developing an honest relationship that centers on God, it’s hard to casually slip that into conversation on the first few dates. But with online dating, you can simply reference a profile to find out a potential match’s religious views. While that doesn’t tell you everything about someone’s personal beliefs or practices, it allows you to start off on the right foot with someone who has similar goals when it comes to faith and relationships.

We also can’t forget that we have more control over who starts a conversation with us in the virtual dating world. In public, anyone without the same beliefs as you can start a flirty conversation. Online dating allows you to almost have a virtual stop sign that you sometimes wish you had in public. You won’t be wasting your time or the other person’s time and it leaves you free to meet someone who would be a much better match for you.

Living Proof

Online dating doesn’t come with guarantees. There’s always the chance that you could end up heartbroken when you start a relationships with someone new. But while it doesn’t ensure success, online dating does offer hope.

It’s clear that this path to finding a partner has worked for countless couples who are now engaged or married. Many have gone on to create flourishing families. Thanks to online dating, thousands of couples with the same desires for a faith-filled relationship were able to find each other. And as it becomes more and more common to meet your mate online, the number of success stories continues to increase.

If you’re dating online, it doesn’t mean you’re not capable of meeting someone in public. It just means that you’re opening yourself up to love in a whole new way. As we know from our faith, love will find a way; but it doesn’t hurt to give it a helping hand. So, ask yourself should I try online dating? And then tell yourself yes.

“Love is patient, love is kind…It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 1 Corinthians 13:4, 7

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