Faith In The Storm: A Little Perspective On Life's Challenging Moments

Many people talk about having faith during life’s storms. It’s an analogy we are all familiar with, and it reminds us to hold to faith in tumultuous weather. Even Biblical stories use this example to share this lesson with us. But, along with having faith amidst the storm, we should learn to also have faith in (and be grateful for) the storm itself. After all, many aspects of it are potential catalysts, teachers and healers.

Faith in The Storm  – Why You Should Embrace Life’s Tempests

Rain Purifies And Replenishes

The rain that comes with a storm washes away the dust and grime that surrounds us. It purifies the earth and restores life-giving water to the land and balance to the sea.

The rain of our personal challenges typically manifests in tears. Just as rain purifies, tears wash away negative energy and clear us of suppressed pain. They replenish us, healing, nurturing and growing us as rain heals, nurtures and grows the land and seas around us, allowing a release and bringing needed balance.

Lightning Strikes Re-energize

Many times the strikes of lightning that come with a literal thunderstorm fill the air with a burst of energy. We can either choose to fear the bolts of lightning, or we can stand in awe of their power and take in the mesmerizing light show.

In the same way, the strike or jolt we receive from life’s storms can re-energize us. And, as with a thunderstorm, we can fear the shock of it, or we can realize its power and purpose, forcing us to move out of a toxic situation or to move forward from a place we have been stagnant or stuck.

Thunder Wakes Us

Just as loud claps of thunder can wake us from a deep sleep, the thunder of life is meant to do the same. There is a saying, “God has shaken you to awaken you.”

The thundering boom that accompanies any crisis in life is necessary to wake us from our spiritual sleep and get us moving forward on our journey toward our soul’s true purpose. We can cower from it – or we can have faith in the storm: faith that we will come out of this test stronger than we went in.

Wind Blows In Different Directions

The wind of a storm that blows in different directions is akin to the winds of change that move us in a new direction on our path. Though those winds can sound terrifying, blowing through the trees and threatening destruction, they too have a message and an intention of restoring balance and creating a needed shift.

In this instance, as the trees flow with the power of the wind, we can choose to break, bend or be uprooted completely and tossed into a new realm of existence. Regardless of the winds direction or ferocity, if we have faith in the storm, we will simply allow the wind to do what it will.

Storms Create Balance

Basically, storms exist on the planet as a means of creating, maintaining or restoring balance. The same can be said for the storms of life. They are catalysts that spur our healing and growth, teachers that get our attention and force us to listen and learn and healers that purify and nurture us.

God creates and allows the weather in our world, just as God creates and allows the storms of life. The end result of these storms is no different than those we face on our planet; it is all contingent upon our perspective and the choice we make to employ a response of love and faith, or ego and fear. If we choose the latter, destruction is imperative. If we choose the former, we not only rebuild, we evolve.

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