4 Facts About Faith To Remember In Tough Times

Faith is a necessity for our lives. In fact, along with hope and love, it is the most vital. And, as such, we must have faith with regard to every aspect of our lives and trust that God has our best interest in mind, while doing our part with regard to free will. But, as with hope and love, we sometimes have difficulty holding onto faith. When doubt arises, it is important to remember four facts about faith that will help keep us anchored and unmoved by fear.

4 Facts About Faith To Hold On To In Hard Times

1. Faith Has No Fear

The first and foremost of our facts about faith is that it is based in love, not fear. Fear (the opposite of faith) is of darkness. It is actually darkness, itself – a fact that can be easily proven by observing fear-based reactions.

When we react from fear, our actions look nothing like love or light; they are behaviors that don’t align with Christ’s teachings. More to the point, they are typically destructive to others and self-sabotaging as well.

However, faith (like love) is of the light. So, when we respond from a place of faith, we shine light to all around us, showing compassion, acceptance and unconditional love to others while empowering ourselves.

2. Faith Is Faithful

Like love, faith will never betray us. Of course, it might be easy to scoff at that statement, since many find themselves betrayed by romantic partners all too often. But, regardless of the experience, it is never love that is responsible for the betrayal. In fact, it’s typically fear.

Faith is based in love. Furthermore, when we have faith in God and ourselves, we cannot feel betrayed by others because we know we are simply being shown a mirror or a valuable lesson. We don’t personalize it. We simply trust that what has happened is serving a purpose – one likely meant for our personal growth and spiritual evolution.

3. Faith Never Fails

Having faith will never disappoint because it allows us to see things from a love-based perspective. We begin to recognize that there’s a bigger picture we simply cannot yet see, and we trust the process of the pieces of the puzzle being placed for us, rather than by us.

In that way, faith never fails us. Even if the outcome isn’t what we desire, we trust that what occurs is in the interest of the highest good for all involved.

4. Faith Is Filled With Love

Most importantly, when we have faith, we are filled with love rather than fear. Again, fear is a destructive force which harms others, including our planet and all its inhabitants. Fear of lack, failure, rejection, the unknown, death, poverty, etc. cause individuals to react in ways that have no basis in love and do not align with the true, fundamental teachings of Christianity.

However, love – the most important of all Christ’s teachings – is an enlightening force. It is light itself. And, of course, when we act from a place of love, we fill the world with light. As such, when we possess the love-based quality of faith, we make the world a better, brighter and safer place for everyone.

So, the next time doubt tries to creep in or fear begins to take control, recognize that as darkness and shut it down.  Remember these facts about faith. Take a deep breath. Inhale love, exhale fear and focus on and have faith in God’s words: “Fear not, for I am with you.”

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