Rhonda & Woody: "God used Christian Mingle to cross our paths"

Rhonda and Woody hadn’t used any dating sites before, but their faith brought them online to finally meet their other half. They met half way and after their first date, they knew that the feeling they had wasn’t just friendship, but a true connection. Christian Mingle is pleased to have played a role in their story and wishes them every joy for their future together.

How did you meet? What was your first date like? Tell us all the details!

Christian Mingle Success Couple Rhonda and WoodyMy husband had passed away and Woody had gone through a divorce. I had been married for 25 years and Woody had been married for 15 years. Neither one of us knew how to date and we had never been on any dating sites before.

We had both been praying that God would bring the right people into our lives at the right time. I felt that through prayer, God was guiding me towards signing up for Christian Mingle. I kept putting off and the message kept getting stronger. So I threw caution to the wind and signed up for a trial run. I later found out that Woody was experiencing the same thing. He also decided to sign up and give it a try. What could it hurt? At the least, we would make some friends.

The second day that I was on and the very first day that Woody was on, We had a 98% connection. We began to chat back and forth and met up in person on June 6, 2017. We met at half way point between our homes, at a Mexican restaurant. We talked for hours and closed the place down. We made a wonderful connection and grew together in Christ. God used Christian Mingle to cross our paths.

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!

We had been dating for a few months and at one point I can remember just looking at Woody and smiling. I realized that I was in love with this man.

What advice would you give other Christian Mingle members?

Be very honest with your profile and your expectations. Do not try to be someone that you are not. You want someone to like you for who you really are and not what you think they want. Pray about your connections and keep God in this. Go into this knowing that you are going to make new friends and maybe something more will come out of it. Be honest with yourself and others on the site.

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