8 Ways To Get Ready For Marriage When Single: Gifts For Your Future Spouse

The hardest part of being ready for marriage while still single is that helpless feeling that there is nothing you can do to make it happen. While there are things we can do to increase our chances of finding a spouse, there certainly is no full-proof formula. You can trust God’s timing, but still not know when something is going to happen. You can follow all the best advice and still not feel one step closer to marriage.

But you don’t have to let this waiting game paralyze you. If you’re truly ready for marriage, there are ways you can bless your future spouse right now, even before you meet him or her. Here are a few things you can do today that will become gifts to your future spouse when the timing is right.

8 Ways To Get Ready For Marriage

1. Make Wise Financial Decisions

This is the skill that keeps on giving. Learn to follow a budget, spend less than you make, save, avoid debt, make wise purchases and plan for the future. Frank talks about money are vital in a relationship, and you can practice money-smarts when single. Good stewardship now will be a wonderful gift to your future spouse.

2. Work Hard

Your future spouse will be blessed if you make working hard a lifelong habit. Improve your skills, read great books in your field and avoid the many temptations to cut corners and be lazy. Prove that you’re ready for marriage by giving your future spouse the gift of knowing that you are willing and able to provide for your future together.

3. Fight Relentlessly For Purity

Every effort you take to walk in purity will be a blessing to your future spouse. When you fight to keep your mind pure, avoid lustful entertainment, set wise physical boundaries in relationships, establish healthy accountability and repent quickly when you mess up, it’s as if you were writing your future spouse a million dollar check they will cash over and over again in marriage.

4. Monitor Your Health

It can be a real struggle to take care of ourselves as singles. Fast food can become a fast habit, and exercise does not always feel like its own reward. But you must remember that your future spouse will appreciate the strides you take to be healthy. Let your healthy choices be a very tangible way to get ready for marriage and bless your future spouse.

5. Write A Letter

Take some time and write a letter to your future spouse. Tell them about this moment in your life. Talk about how you are reconciling being single with being ready for marriage. Share about things you are learning and speak from the heart. Write down your hopes and dreams for the future and things you are thankful for. They will definitely enjoy reading it one day.

6. Sharpen Your Mind

Give your future spouse a sharp mind. Become an expert in things that interest you. Ask interesting questions and seek solid answers. Learn to appreciate and enjoy great stories and great art. Become a master conversationalist. Let God’s Word be a source of regular teaching.

7. Cultivate Community

Build strong, lasting friendships. Learn to encourage, serve and spend quality time with your friends. Learn to forgive them when they hurt you. Learn to love them when it’s tough to love. See your close friendships as a training ground for future marriage.

8. Pray for Them

This might be the most important advice of all. Pray for your future spouse. Pray for their sanctification. Pray for their protection from the evil one. Pray the precious promises of Christ over their lives. Pray over your future dating relationship, engagement and marriage. Turn your favorite Bible verses into prayers for your future spouse. Do this often. Make it a regular discipline. Never stop praying for your future spouse.

Think of the soulmate you haven’t even met yet when you work to achieve these goals. Being ready for marriage means being ready to create our best self. The self that gives blessings to another daily. In what ways are you blessing your future spouse?

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