Now that we’re showing off our best side with our redesigned site, so should you by taking advantage of our new profile perks. Your photos will look even better with our eye-catching layout. You have more room to tell your story so other members can get to know you better. And there’s even a place for a quote, which is a personal “golden nugget.”

Here are the FOUR P’s of polishing your profile:

Placement — With our new site, your profile photos are showcased for “wow” factor. However, you may have to re-center them. This only takes a second. After you try, if your layout is still askew, upload your photo again to make sure it looks just right.

Phrase — Sometimes one sentence says it all. Add a personal quote that reflects you in a nutshell. It can be funny, insightful or inspiring – original or from a favorite author, actor or public figure.

Pictures — Your hobbies, interests and activities virtually come alive with our new graphics. When you “Add Your Interests,” click on your favorite activities listed and they’ll be represented by cool pictures on your profile page! These new visuals really add pizzazz (another profile “P”)!

Particulars — The best way to meet like-minded members is to paint a detailed portrait of yourself. For example, instead of simply saying that you like to travel, mention one of your favorite trips and a meaningful (or humorous) anecdote. Add a photo of you in that location. If you like to cook, your signature dish might be the favorite of a potential match! Mention it!

Now that you’re armed with tips for a perfect profile, put them into play!

Still have questions? Get answers in our FAQs!