There are some features now missing on ChristianMingle. What happened?

With the redesign of the site, we looked long and hard at which features were working best for you. So, there’s a method to our madness. We promise you won’t miss any of these because the features we’re offering now – plus new developments – are even better! But we owe you an explanation, so take a look below:

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Discontinued feature: Chat rooms & message boards

We understand that some members really enjoyed the group chat rooms and message boards, and that they became valuable community resources. We, too, believe that the community aspects of ChristianMingle make us unique, and we love that you do as well. Unfortunately, when we upgraded ChristianMingle, the new technology didn’t support the old chat room and message board features. At launch, we decided it was important to move ahead without the chat rooms or message boards, so we could deliver you a better relationship matching experience. We are actively searching for a new group chat solution so we can re-build the community aspects of the site that you love. We hope you will explore the updated chat (IM) feature within each member’s profile. It will enable you to continue chatting with your favorite people one-on-one, and we think you’ll really enjoy using it to keep in touch with your ChristianMingle friends.

Discontinued feature: Color Code Personality Test

ChristianMingle removed the Color Code Personality Test for now because we want you to explore our whole community of Christian singles as opposed to looking specifically at members based on a compatible color code.

Discontinued feature: Compass

ChristianMingle removed the COMPASS feature because we want you to explore our whole community of Christian singles as opposed to evaluating members based on their COMPASS test.

Discontinued feature: eCards

In doing research on how we could improve your ChristianMingle experience, we discovered that eCards went largely unused. We want to provide you with communications tools that are more personal and effective. With the new site, we encourage you to include conversation starters in your messages. Take a look at the profile of the member who has caught your eye, and reference information that indicates common ground – a favorite movie, fun hobby or beautiful vacation location you’ve both visited.

Discontinued feature: Events

ChristianMingle removed the Events page because we were not able to moderate it properly to vet the events posted for the safety of our members. However, we are searching for a better alternative for this page in the future.

Discontinued feature: Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is now an element of the redesigned Search page to give you a more immediate and comprehensive view of your potential matches. You’ll still have that great “first sight” feeling you had with the former gallery layout because you’ll be able to clearly see all your potential matches. Keep an eye out for a green dot on the photos telling you that a particular member is online. Then, go on – send a message or a chat (IM) request!

My photo is cropped wrong and it looks like my face is cut off. How do I fix this?

Tall, skinny photos are not ideal on ChristianMingle, as the profile cards now automatically crop photos in a square. To avoid an awkward crop, we recommend you upload a new photo that is at least 350×350 pixels in size and that is not tall and skinny. A square photo will work, as will a normal portrait or landscape photo with your face centered and some padding between your face and the edge of the photo. You can crop your photos with a photo editor on your computer, or with an online tool like Fotor.

My photos are blurry and pixelated. How do I fix this?

One of the perks of our new design on ChristianMingle is that images are larger and easier to see! If your photos are very small, however, they might look blurry and pixelated. To fix this, simply upload a new, larger photo. The minimum size is 350×350 pixels.

To upload a new photo, visit the Edit Photos page by clicking on your Profile thumbnail in the top right corner of any page.

Updated feature: “Members Online”

In an effort to make your searches easier and more streamlined, you can now set your Search Preferences to only show members who are online by clicking the “Members Online” box at the top of the Browse page. Also, when you perform a regular Search, you will see a green dot on a member profile indicating he/she is currently online.

Updated feature: “Smiles”

“Smiles” are a great way to initiate a conversation because they indicate your interest. You will still have the ability to send a “Smile” by visiting a member’s profile and clicking on the “More” icon (…) located underneath his/her profile photo and selecting “Smile.”

Why can’t I click on the Matches, Browse, Activity, or Community tabs? Are they broken?

These are not broken links, rather they are headers to show other pages. Simply hover over them to reveal the dropdown menu of those pages.

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