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Can I use Facebook photos for my profile?

Yes! To add photos from Facebook, visit the Edit Photos page by clicking on your Profile thumbnail in the top right corner of any page:

1. On your Edit Photos page, click the + sign on a photo card
2. Click “Import from Facebook”
3. Choose the Facebook photo(s) you wish to display
3. Click the “Save Photos” button
4. Upload the photos(s) by clicking “Save Changes”

Please note that you may need to log in to Facebook first. You may also need to allow pop-ups from ChristianMingle.

Do you moderate photos on ChristianMingle?

Yes! In order to make sure ChristianMingle remains a clean and respectable environment for all our members, we moderate the types of photos acceptable for upload.

Here are our general guidelines:

1. Your main photo should be a clear headshot of just you (no one else in the photo)
2. No copyrighted material (including cartoons)
3. No sexually suggestive photos (including men without shirts)
4. No altered photos

If ChristianMingle doesn’t approve one of your photos and you have a question, please contact Customer Service.

How can I request a photo from another member online?

We encourage you to message that member and ask him/her to upload a picture to his/her profile. This is also a nice way to establish a connection even before seeing that member.

How do I add, edit, or remove photos from my profile?

To add or remove a photo from your profile, visit the Edit Photos page by clicking the link on your Profile thumbnail in the top right corner of any page.

To add a photo:
1. Click the + in any empty photo slot
2. Select “Upload from Computer” and browse through your files until you find the photo you want to upload
3. Select the photo and click “Open” to upload your photo
4. Your new photo will be pending until the ChristianMingle content review team approves it
5. Once ChristianMingle approves your photo, the photo will appear in your profile
6. Add a caption or change the order of your photos by dragging and moving them

If you want to remove a photo:
1. Scroll over the photo
2. Click on the trash icon in the top right corner

How many photos can I upload?

You can upload up to 8 photos and we recommend you do so! We’ve seen that profiles with photos are 10x’s more likely to attract views… and matches!

I only want to view members who have photos. How do I do that?

At the top of the Search page, click on the check box that reads “Profiles with Photos Only.” This will modify your search results to show only members who have uploaded a photo. You can also set this in your Match Preferences so that all future searches will only show members with photos.


What kind of photos should I upload? What photos are not acceptable?

The basic standards for our photos are:
1. Digital photos: photo must have a JPG or JPEG file extension
2. Minimum size: 350×350 pixels at 72 DPI
3. Maximum size: 5MB

Our General Guidelines:
1. Your main photo should be a clear headshot of just you (no one else in the photo)
2. No copyrighted material (including cartoons)
3. No sexually suggestive photos (including men without shirts)
4. No altered photos

If ChristianMingle does not approve one of your photos and you have a question, please contact Customer Service.

What should I write for my profile photo description?

Here are two easy tips for writing profile photo descriptions:

1. Refer to what’s going on in the photo so that members get a sense of what you love about your life. Maybe you’re playing with your dog, doing favorite sport or on a memorable trip.
2. Keep it light. If there is a funny story that goes along with your photo, feel free to mention it. Inspiring a smile is a great way to put someone at ease and inspire him/her to contact you.

Why doesn’t my photo show up? How long will it take for my photo to be approved?

Once your photos have uploaded, you will see “Awaiting Approval” to the right of each image. ChristianMingle will send you an email confirmation once each photo has been approved and posted to your profile. We try to get through all photo submissions quickly, but please allow up to 24-48 hours for approval. We review every photo to continue to make the ChristianMingle online dating experience safe for all members. Keep in mind that you should complete your profile while your photos are being approved.


Personal Profile

Personal Profile

How can I edit my profile page?

Find the Edit Profile link from your Profile thumbnail in the top right of any page. Each section of your profile will then become editable, so you can add, delete or edit.

How can I view my profile the way other members are viewing it?

In order to view your profile, click on your Profile thumbnail in the top right of any page, then click “Edit Profile.” From the “Edit Profile” view, click on the button on the green bar that says “Preview Profile.”

How do I report another member?

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience on ChristianMingle. To that end, you can report a member for suspicious activity, content, inappropriate messages, harassment or any other abusive behavior aimed at you or another member on the site. There are two ways to report:

1. In your Inbox on the left of any message sent by a member will be a circle with an exclamation point inside. Clicking on that circle will lead you to an online form you will need to fill out.
2. Click the More icon (…) underneath a member’s profile picture and select “Report.” You will be sent to a page where you can fill out an online report.

By using the “Report a Concern” link, we can more readily and accurately identify the account in question. The evidence you provide will allow us to take appropriate administrative action.

I recently moved, so how do I change my account address/location?

Log in to ChristianMingle and click the Edit Profile link in the top right when you hover over your Profile thumbnail. Your profile page will become editable. You will then be able to change your address (which will be kept private from all ChristianMingle members).

What are Highlighted Profiles and Member Spotlights?

ChristianMingle offers many ways to help you stand out and inspire members to contact you, including:

Highlighted Profile: With an eye-catching Highlighted Profile border, your ChristianMingle profile will really attract attention! You’ll shine brighter in search results and matches.

Member Spotlight: Your profile will appear at the top of the ChristianMingle page based on criteria you set, ensuring that members in your preferred age range and location can see you.

If you think a free membership is great, a paid subscription on ChristianMingle offers even more extraordinary features and resources to help you get the results you want.


Which ChristianMingle singles have viewed my profile?

Click the Activity tab at the top of any page and scroll down to Who’s Viewed You. There, you’ll see all ChristianMingle members whose attention you’ve caught!




Can I make my personal information public for other ChristianMingle members to see?

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. In order to protect all of our members, we do not allow you to post your personal information in the public areas of the site.

How long should I wait to give out my personal information?

We highly encourage you to communicate with other members using ChristianMingle’s communications tools like messages and chat (IM) until you feel 100% comfortable with a potential match. Take your time and trust your instincts. If someone is pressuring you to give out your personal information or rushing you to use a private email account, it’s time to move on. If you have any concerns or issues, please contact our Customer Service team.

What personal information does ChristianMingle require in order to set up an account?

When filling in your ChristianMingle information, we will only ask for the following details:
1. Your email address
2. Your date of birth
3. The area in which you live

If you wish to purchase a subscription you will also need to enter:
1. Your credit card information
2. Your phone number
3. Your billing address

Who has access to my personal information?

Our site administrators are the only people who have access to your personal information and we want to assure you that your privacy is of TOP importance to them! No other members on the site will have access to your real name or personal information unless you give it out yourself. For more information on sharing your personal information, please visit our Online Dating Safety Tips page.

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