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Can I send a photo through chat (IM)?

At this time, you cannot send a photo through chat (IM). You can, however, upload up to eight photos to your ChristianMingle profile.

Can I view my message history in the chat (IM) feature?

In an active chat (IM) window, you can view your most recent chat history by scrolling up. To view older chats or messages with a particular member, click the “Message History” link through to the conversation in your Inbox.

How can I see my previous chat (IM) conversations?

In order to find your complete chat (IM) history, follow these steps:

1. Click the Inbox link at the top of any page
2. Find your conversation thread on the list pane on the left
3. Scroll through the conversation and expand any chat conversations

If the member is offline, you may also click on the chat history button at the top of the conversation thread.

How do I chat via Instant Messaging (IM)?

Chat (IM) is one of the best ways to get to know someone, and it’s available with a paid subscription. Any paying ChristianMingle subscriber can receive and accept a chat (IM) invitation when he/she is online, which is noted by the green dot on his/her profile picture. Click on the profile’s Chat icon to send an invitation, which will launch that chat window.

Why won’t my chat (IM) message send?

If you’re having sending problems with ChristianMingle’s chat (IM) feature, try these remedies:

1. Upgrade to the newest (non-beta) version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge
2. Turn your sound on or up to be sure you can hear the IM notification

Note: Remember that the other member must be online (look for the green dot) to receive a chat (IM) message. If he/she has logged out, you can send a message that will be visible once that member has logged back in.




Can I attach a photo in a message?

ChristianMingle does not have the option of sending an individual member photos in a message.

Can I save my message to send later?

Sure. There are times when you might want give a message some more thought before you send it. ChristianMingle autosaves message drafts just in case, but you can also save drafts manually. Just click on the “Save Draft” button, instead of the “Send” button. Your message will end up in the drafts folder of your Inbox where you can work on it until you’re ready to press “Send.”

How can I see a message thread?

In order to see a message thread, click on the Inbox link within the menu bar at the top of any page of the site. From there, you can click on the particular conversation you wish to review and read the exchange.

How can I see my sent messages?

You can see the messages you’ve sent other members by clicking on the Inbox link at the top of any ChristianMingle screen. From there, use the dropdown menu on the left to filter by sent messages.

How can I send a message without notifying the member that I’ve viewed his/her profile?

We understand that initially you might want to browse incognito. If you’re interested in a member, but don’t want him/her to see that you’ve viewed his/her profile, you can use our fun “Secret Admirer” feature. It’s a risk-free way to indicate that you’d like to connect. When you become a “Secret Admirer,” the member who has caught your eye will only find out if the interest is mutual. Otherwise, he/she will never know and you’ve stayed incognito!

Should I send my contact information in a message?

You can send your contact information to another member in a message, but you shouldn’t UNTIL you feel 100% comfortable with that person. For more on the smartest and most confidence-inspiring online dating, see our Online Dating Safety Tips page.

Sometimes I have no idea what to say to a potential match in a message. Help!

It’s natural to feel some butterflies when you’re about to make contact with a potential match. It’s exciting! Here are some quick tips for writing a message that will inspire a response:
1. Read the member’s profile carefully and refer to at least one element in it to show that you pay attention.
2. Mention common interests. This will make the other member see that you could make a good match!
3. Compliment the way the member wrote the profile. He/she took the time to make it the best it could be, so take note… though don’t be heavy-handed.
4. This brings us to the next tip: Be yourself. A natural flow of conversation creates the most natural relationships.
5. Honesty is the best policy. ChristianMingle is about real people creating real relationships. You don’t have to reveal everything about yourself right away, but be truthful about the information you do put forth.

For more helpful tips, visit our Online Dating Tips for Christian Singles page.

What is the scam warning in my Inbox?

You will get a scam warning when a message was removed from your Inbox because the sender was removed due to suspected inappropriate or fraudulent activity.

Who can read my messages?

Only the recipient will be able to read your messages.

Why am I getting a message saying my message limit has been reached?

ChristianMingle has many features to help prevent fraudulent activity. Members who send an over-abundance of messages are sometimes “fake,” trying to get other members to bite in order to scam. Since we believe in the adage “better safe than sorry,” we flag these members and put a limit on messages sent. If you think your message limit has been reached in error, please contact Customer Service.

Why are my messages not being read?

Your messages may not be getting read for a variety of reasons. The recipient could have a backlog of messages, he/she may not be checking in on the site, or is not be a paid subscriber (only paid subscribers can message and chat (IM)). Don’t worry, your message will remain in that member’s Inbox if he/she does choose to purchase a subscription.

Why have I not received any answers to my messages?

There may be a variety of reasons why you have not yet received a response to your messages. The member you’ve contacted may not have logged in recently. Or perhaps he/she hasn’t had a chance to read or respond to any messages. We all get busy sometimes, right?

It’s also possible that this member may not feel the two of you would make a good match. Try not to take it personally. We do, however, encourage all members who don’t want to move forward to respond with a polite “No thank you.”

If you really want to get to know someone, invite a potential match to chat via Instant Messaging. That’s the quickest way to have a meaningful conversation in real time.




Can I send “Smiles” as a free member?

Yes! As a free member, you can send “Smiles” and you should! A “Smile” is a playful way to express your interest! But to really get to know someone, purchase a subscription for more great communications features, like messages and chat (IM).

How many “Smiles” am I allowed to send?

You’re allowed to send as many “Smiles” as you like to different recipients.

What is a “Smile”? How do I send one?

A “Smile” is a fantastic (and FREE) way to break the ice and let other ChristianMingle members know you’re interested. When visiting another member’s profile you can easily send a “Smile” by clicking on the “More” icon (…) and selecting “Smile” from the menu options. Once you have sent the “Smile” the recipient will receive a notification in his/her Inbox that you have sent a “Smile.”


Message History

Message History

Can I delete my message history?

Yes, you can delete your message history in your Inbox at any time. To do so, click on the Select button next to the conversation filter. Check the check boxes to the right of the messages you want to delete, then click the trash can button. Please note that this will delete your entire message thread with that member.

Can I turn off Read Receipts?

Read Receipts is one of ChristianMingle’s useful features that allows you to see if a member has read your message. There is not an option to turn off Read Receipts.

How can I see the dates in which I contacted or viewed a member?

You can view your interaction history with a member in your Inbox or on that member’s profile. In the Inbox, open the conversation with that member. Click on the clock symbol next to their thumbnail. On the member’s profile, click on the clock symbol that says “View History” to open up your interaction history.

How can I tell if a member has read my message?

Use our Read Receipts feature in your Inbox to see if a member has read your message. Once the member has read that message, a timestamp of when the message was read will appear.

If I block a member will they still be able to see our message history?

Blocking a member will not delete your message history. That member will still have the ability to read your past conversations from within his/her own ChristianMingle account.

What do the envelopes in my Inbox mean?

The envelope next to a message in your Inbox indicates whether or not you have read that message. New, unread messages will have a blue envelope. Messages you have opened will have a grey envelope. The colors of the envelopes do not correspond to whether or not the recipient of a message you sent has read that message; that can be found in the Read Receipt within that particular message.

Where can I see my message history?

You can see the messages you sent to other members by clicking on the Inbox link at the top of any screen on the site. From there, you can click on the particular conversation you wish to review and read the exchange.

Will my messages automatically save?

Yes! ChristianMingle will automatically save your incoming messages, as well as those messages you send to any other members.

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