Meet, Date, and Relate From a Place of Shared Values and Faith

Is there one trick to meeting the right person? Of course not. ChristianMingle may seem to work magic when it comes to matching up Christian singles, but there are no “tricks.” Getting real is the key. If you put yourself out there and stay open-minded, we virtually guarantee you’ll find someone who’s great for you!

Like any good recipe, there are certain ingredients that work best together. The same is true for a satisfying relationship.

Your Profile

Meet… You! – Your profile is informative for others to read, but equally informative to you when you’re writing it! By considering what’s important in your world, you might just discover a new-found love for your work, your family and your hobbies. You get to reflect on your life, which will give you a strong sense of your goals and what you want from a relationship.

Get an Outside Look – Members often tell us that they get friends and family members to help write their profile. Those people can tell you what they love about you, so you’re reminded of your stellar qualities. But use your own voice. Don’t enlist your journalist brother or publicist best friend to write for you (though they can certainly proofread).

Take a Beat – The faster you complete your profile in its entirety, the quicker you’ll start getting responses from local Christian singles. However, don’t be hasty. Be as thorough as possible and really give your answers consideration. Want more details about completing your profile? Check out our tips at How to Perfect Your ChristianMingle Profile to get started.

A Means to an End – As you pick and choose your dates online, it’s important to recognize what type of people you’re drawn to. Are they passive or aggressive people? Outdoorsy or intellectual? Online dating is an opportunity to meet and greet all types of Christian singles. Remember, there is an end goal and that’s to meet someone with whom you can share your life.

A Matter of Faith

ChristianMingle wants you to meet someone who shares your place on “the faith spectrum” because compatible matches are most likely to last the longest. We know everyone has a different approach to religion, customs and traditions. If your approach and lifestyle doesn’t click with a particular member’s, then save judgment and simply move on to another who may be better suited to you.

Bring Back Manners

What ever happened to good old-fashioned etiquette? Politeness goes a long way, especially when it comes to online dating. It’s always a nice rule to treat others the way you want to be treated.

If you’re not interested in a member who is trying to make contact, respectfully let him/her know that you think the match isn’t for you, but you appreciate the invitation to connect. Online dating is good overall relationship practice and it will serve you well, not only when you finally meet your match in person, but in other situations… even at work.

Important Extras

A Sense of Humor – Levity goes a long way when you’re communicating via ChristianMingle messages and chat (IM). Use light humor to engage someone who interests you and to make him/her feel comfortable. Remember, online dating should be fun!

Patience – It’s a virtue! Relationships take time. If you plan on spending years together, then what’s a few weeks to let an online connection unfold? Allow any new significant other to take his/her time. Pull back on any pressure. And let go of expectations.

Empathy – After you’ve been communicating for a while, your match might share something of depth, including his/her life challenges. That’s okay. Everyone goes through tough times and his/her story is a way to gauge your care. Try not to freak out or shy away from information that could ultimately bring you closer.