Shannon & Caleb: "I knew it was true love before he even said I love you."

Shannon & Caleb first connected on Christian Mingle in 2020. Despite living 1,400 miles apart they decided to move forward with their relationship and they are so glad that they did as now they are happily married! Thank you for sharing your story with us at Christian Mingle, and we wish you a wonderful  future together. 


We had an amazing wedding with friends and family who came from out of state. Our wedding was held in Southern Mississippi but we had people travel from New Hampshire, Minnesota, California, Georgia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

We met on Christian mingle. I immediately saw his profile because he viewed me and I thought he was cute so I sent him a smile! Not realizing he was 1,400 miles away from me at the time, we started talking and decided we wanted to go further with our relationship despite the distance. Our first date was after I picked him up from the Boston airport (his first time on a plane) and we went to Hometown Diner, just minutes from my parents house. We had a country style dinner and listened to the live country band that played. Caleb wore his cow boy hat!

I knew it was true love before he even said “I love you.” It was after we had talked for awhile and had everything in common. We both were strong independent Baptists and loved God.

Never give up looking! Caleb found me because he would constantly look through women and block the ones that he wasn’t interested in so that new people would pop up. If he hadn’t been so diligent in his search my profile might have never popped up on his feed!



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