Bridget & Ben's Story: "Pray throughout your journey for love."

Bridget knew that she wanted to marry Ben two weeks after they met; so of course when he proposed on a beautiful spring morning, she said yes! Christian Mingle is so pleased to have played a role in their love story and wishes them all the best for a lifetime of happiness together!


Christian Mingle Bridget and Ben

What can you tell us about the proposal?

“Bridget was in Texas for an internship on a ranch, and it was time for her to go home. Ben flew in from Indiana to drive back with Bridget to Illinois (her hometown). It was 7:30am and the colors of the morning sky were beautiful. Bridget pulled up to the desolate, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport–empty because of the pandemic–and waited for her beloved boyfriend to meet her outside. She had not seen him for two months.


Bridget spotted Ben walking from his terminal exit towards her car. They ran to each other and she fell into his arms. They kissed and hugged and began to walk back to the the trunk of her car. Smiling and laughing, Bridget was oblivious as he pulled a ring box out of his pocket. She turned to open the trunk of her car for his luggage, when he spun her around and fell to one knee, holding the box in his trembling hand. Ben asked the question, and Bridget clung to him, overwhelmed with joy and excitement. She cried happy tears and looked around her as she held her fiancé, there was no one to witness their special moment. It was intimate, beautiful, and special.”


How did you meet? What was your first date like?

“We met on Christian Mingle! We were a 99% match. Our first date was at Starbucks in Bridget’s hometown one week after meeting on CM.”


Christian Mingle Bridget and Ben

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!

“We spoke on the phone every night since our first date. Bridget knew after 2 weeks she wanted to marry him.”


What advice would you give other Christian Mingle members, who are still looking for love?

“Pray throughout your journey for love. Christian Mingle is an amazing platform to provide a space for Christians to meet, but do not forget that the Lord is in control. He wants what is best for you, so be specific in what you are praying for! As long as your desires line up with His will, God may bless you more than you could possibly imagine. He may even use Christian Mingle to set you up with your future forever partner!”



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