Rejini Kris & Gregory: ''It is absolutely possible to meet your other half online just when you least expect.''

Rejini Kris and Gregory were married December 27, 2014. Christian Mingle is so happy to have played a role in their international love story, and wishes them a truly joyful future.

What was your first date like?

We meet in person in St Louis, Missouri airport as I was living in Paris, France. Our first date was decent, we had home cooked meals. I was rather jet lagged as I traveled all the way to meet my future husband.

Describe the moment you knew it was true love.

We spent a solid month, texting, talking via phone and video call to get to know each other. The more we spent time on video calling, the more we were drawn/attracted and we started having feelings for each other and it was my husband who first said he loves me even though he haven’t met me in person yet.

What advice would you give other members?

Christian Mingle is real, it is a certainly a very decent, legit online dating site especially if two Christians are seeking to find a Godly partner. There is definitely hope. I am a true testimony how God brought me and my husband together. Even though he was only looking for his bridge within a specific radius but only God knew how he ended up seeing my picture and residing in Paris, France. Never in his dreams he thought he would find a foreigner let alone in another continent. We want to encourage those singles out there to have faith and it is absolutely possible to meet your other half online just when you least expect.

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