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While we love to talk about dating, marriage and love, it’s important to remember the importance of our friendships. Believe offers great advice for Christians who want to strengthen their relationships, resolve conflicts and make new friends. Most importantly, you’ll get inspiration for factoring God into your friendships on a daily basis.

Why Do Your Friends So Easily Offend You?By

Has this ever happened to you? A friend says or does something that hurts your feelings. Instead of turning the other cheek, you stay angry at your friend, simmering inside, not talking to your friend, waiting for your friend to apologize.

Hot Lips!By

It took all the self-control I could muster, and then some, not to tell what I knew about Joe. It was such a funny story – hilarious, really!


Nothing is like a good “girl talk” with a friend. Family relationships are good and important, but sometimes talking to someone who is more objective about your life is just what the doctor ordered!

Jonathan and David: Friends to the EndBy

There are many interpretations of the friendship between David and Jonathan, but the biblical fact remains that these two young men were friends for life, bonded by oath and fealty and that their bond endured youth, adulthood and even upon Jonathan’s death.

When Jealousy Destroys Your FriendshipBy

Friendship is a fragile thing, but it can endure for a lifetime. When Jonathan and David made their covenant of friendship after David defeated Goliath on the battlefield, they gave their friendship as a gift to each other and it enriched their lives.

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