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    Seven years ago I had a dream that I was walking along the road, it was a long and winding road. A man stopped me along the way and begin to ask me questions. I never saw his face he was quite tall and wore a long black hood garment that covered his entire body including his head. He ask me what I wanted and I told him I wanted to be married. He told me to write out my prayer and place it in the bible. I asked him where and he said “Which ever book you come to first” I said “Okay” and I opened my bible but when I did the first book I came to was Exodus and I looked at him and said “No, I can’t put my prayer there” and then he ask “why not?” I simply stated that Exodus was rebellion, i went on to explain how they wandered for 40 years and never made it to the promise land, I don’t want that fate I exclaimed” and then He asked “are you going to be obedient?” I replied yes. When I awoke I did exactly as I was instructed to do in my dream. I wrote my prayer and placed it in the bible in….Exodus. Two years later I was married. The man I married had a good heart. He was slightly skewed from the prayer I wrote but hey I felt as though God sent him to be because of my obedience. My husband knew I kept the prayer in the bible and asked me why it was still there if God had in fact sent me a husband? I don’t know I replied. But all the promises I made to God I kept………My husband spoke to me at time and I felt like it was God speaking through him, I obeyed him as though I was obeying God and God blessed ME!

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