Tashoya & Denzel


Our story began in May 2008 when my now-wife and I connected on ChristianMingle. She was a University Psychology degree student from London, England, and I was a pastor and counselor from Georgia.  Her profile was profoundly written, and it drew me to her from the moment I read it. My first impression was that she was remarkable and I pondered whether she could potentially be my wife.  I initiated contact and within a week, we began speaking on the phone. We got off to a good start as we learned about our commonalities, upbringing, past experiences, and future goals. We learned we were the same age but only 18 days apart! We were born to young mothers, raised by our grandparents, and both became Christians in 1997 at 17 years old. We had similar personality traits, senses of humor, and stood tall at exactly the same height of 5 feet, 8 inches.

My heart was fond of her. She was bright, communicative, loved the Lord, and had a heart for people, especially children. We soon established a long distance relationship on the premise of love, honesty, transparency, and trust. As our faith was of great importance, we made it an integral part of our relationship; often sharing our personal testimonies, conducting Bible studies, and always praying at the end of our nightly conversations.

Our first meeting was in January 2009. I had never traveled outside the US before, and made my first international flight to see her in London. I visited for one week and spent time bonding with her through numerous activities, whilst learning about our personal and cultural differences. I supported her at one of her volleyball games; visited her church, did sightseeing around London, went to the movies, ate out a few times… but the greatest thing was experiencing her Caribbean style cooking. She catered to me with tasteful Jamaican dishes, and needless to say, I was hooked! We also had the pleasure of witnessing and playing around in England’s worst snowstorm in 18 years. We had endless fun, which brought us significant pleasures and lasting memories. Upon leaving London being even more convinced I would marry her; I left behind a hand written letter hidden in the house, professing my love and devotion to her and our relationship.

June 2009 she came and visited me for two weeks.  Likewise, it was her first time traveling outside of the UK. She met with my family, friends, colleagues and congregation members of the community church that I pastor. She was warmly received by all, and loved by my family. At the end of her trip, I was nervous that given she’s from a large cosmopolitan city, she might not have liked it here, so I began to construct a plan that would bring her back to Georgia for good.

In February 2010, I heard that she was flying in to surprise me for my Pastor’s Anniversary Celebration; held in my honor by my church members. I pretended to be surprised by her visit, whilst knowingly putting my plan into action. The event was great. As the evening drew to a close, with all the performers having finished their presentations, I began thanking everyone for their thoughtfulness, love and support for me in all my ministry endeavors. I then turned my attention to Tashoya and spoke from my heart.  I told her that her coming into my life had been the greatest blessing to happen to me since I accepted Christ. Without any hesitation, I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Thunderous applauses went up as the whole place erupted! She was dumb founded and ecstatic! I had capitalized on what should’ve been a surprise for me, and made it into a greater surprise for her. With great joy, she accepted my proposal.

On September 4, 2010, 2 years and 4 months after our first conversation, we consecrated our relationship and became man and wife. With the blessings of our loved ones, Tashoya and I were married before a small group of family and friends in Georgia. As she tearfully walked down the aisle to meet me at the altar, I grasped the magnitude of the decision we were about to make. But I had every confidence this was the woman that I had long prayed for and had waited to marry. Marrying her was the fulfillment of a dream come true. We are now approaching our 1st anniversary, and have remained exceedingly grateful to ChristianMingle for the instrumental role they played in giving us the platform to build what God has sealed as a match made in heaven, now fulfilled on earth. We look forward to a lifelong marriage of happiness, filled with all God’s good and perfect gifts that He has designed for our lives.

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