Sarah & Nicholas


We met online on in August 2008. Nicholas contacted me first and I pretty much ignored him to begin with. My (Sarah’s) initial reaction to Nicholas was that he didn’t seem like someone I would date let alone end up marrying. I decided one day that I would give him a chance anyway and I messaged him. We talked pretty much all day and ever since then we have bee inseparable.

A few weeks after we started talking we began dating! Nicholas asked me to be his girlfriend on September 5, 2008. Our dating experience was WONDERFUL! From the beginning, we committed our relationship to the Lord and pray that our relationship would be a reflection of how Christ loved the church. I wouldn’t change a thing about our season of dating. Just over a year after we began dating, Nicholas proposed and I said yes! Our wedding date is in April 2011 and we feel that God has richly blessed us over the years and we are very thankful for that and for ChristianMingle! 🙂 So, if you are having any doubts about whether you should join the site or not, don’t hesitate! God can bring you together with your soul mate through any means He sees fit, including the internet! God bless!

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