Three years ago I became a member of Christian Mingle (Jerbearz was my name) and began snooping through the many profiles. I was soon contacted by Bcguy2903 (or atleast i think that was his nickname back then.)

We continued to chat for atleast a year before I gave into meeting with him for coffee. From that moment we struck up a friendship. But it didn’t seem, at least on my end, to be leading anywhere. Over and over he asked me out, but I declined. (Poor guy!)

After two years we were still chatting and I was hired for a position in his home town. After a few months of communting I decided to move there for my job. When I did we began spending a lot of time with one another, and it soon blossomed into a relationship.

I am happy to say that we will be married in March 2007!

-Jerbearz & Bcguy2903

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