Amber & Christopher


My wife and I met on ChristianMingle on August 6, 2012, and decided to meet for a lunch date three days later. After eating lunch and hitting things off, our short lunch date turned into getting ice cream, a walk in the park, and having a steak dinner; all in the same day! We couldn’t get enough of each other! Even though we came from different church denominational backgrounds, God put a desire between us that was unquenchable, and those few doctrinal differences soon melted away.

After dating for several weeks, we began seeing a Christian counselor to keep growing in our relationship. After a few weeks of counseling and praying if Amber was the wife that God had for me, I was lying in bed and God spoke to me as clear as day and said, “You and Amber will be married in 6 months!” I was shocked and in a state of disbelief. I wasn’t sure if this was God speaking to me, or just my own thoughts. A few minutes later, I called Amber and told her what I had heard. Of course, she thought I was nuts! But, after continuing counseling and growing closer to the Lord and one another, we truly believed we were meant for each other.
So, we started planning a date for our wedding. I completely forgot about the six month remark that I had heard (or thought I had heard) from God, and we set our wedding date for February 9, 2013. It was six months to the day that Amber and I met! God is SO good and has been faithful since day one. We would not have met if it wasn’t for ChristianMingle!

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