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Profile Tips

Do I have to include a photo?

Many online dating services find that it is ESSENTIAL for you to include a photo along with your personal ad and profile. The vast majority of searchers will not even look at an ad without a photograph. You may never be seen if you do not include a photo of yourself. Think very carefully about the photo you will choose to include in your profile. It must show you in a good light. Most people think they need to go to a studio to get good pictures for online dating sites. However, this is not true.. Pictures taken in a natural setting are much nicer because others get to see you in a normal way instead of the fake poses you do for a professional camera. Do not cut a picture of yourself out from another picture. This looks tacky and doctored in a poor quality. The other person will think you were too lazy to take the time to upload a good photo. If you do not have an attractive photo to display, then go and take a nice one at a local photo center and scan the photos into your computer. Some dating sites have a Photo Gallery which allows you to view a group of photos to find those that fit your visual idea. Your photo should be an accurate and truthful representation of the real you. Post a current picture of yourself, not one that is 20 years old. Remember that God loves you. He will certainly send a wonderful mate into your life, who will love you with or without a lot hair or added pounds.

What do I add to my profile?

Creating a profile that truthfully portrays who you are gives a potential Christian mate a constructive view of the way you think and the views you hold. Include hobbies, activities, job and career goals, lifestyle, likes or dislikes. But beware: too much information can be overwhelming to others. Remember that one of the best parts of dating is getting to know someone, so it's a good idea to leave some room for conversation.

Use a recent photo that compliments you. If you are in need of a newer photo, have a friend or relative take a photo of you for use online.

Use catchy phrases and short sentences that initiate action. "I am an outdoorsman who loves mountain air and walks in the park, Join Me!"

It is up to you to draw in others who may fit the Christian match you are looking for.

What is a dating picture no-no?

Make sure your pictures include a clear shot of your face. Sunglasses are a no-no in online dating photos. Never wear large floppy hats or anything else that hides your total appearance. This could make others think that you are trying to conceal something. Doctored photos are easy to detect and give other singles the impression that you are being dishonest. For Christian single parents – There is a time and place for your potential mate to see your children, but this is not it! Wait until you have begun a relationship with this person before you physically show him or her your children.

Why should I create and use an alias for my personal ad?

An alias is an anonymous name you use to describe yourself. This protects your identity while you are looking for your mate. When selecting an alias, you should consider a name that grabs the attention of others and gives some definition to who you are.

Your alias can highlight your personality, like the name "huggybear" or "fungirl." On the other hand, your alias can give clues about a hobby or a personal talent: "bowlingdate" or "bookworm." Each alias is unique and tells a story of what you are passionate about.

Picking an alias can describe what type of relationship you desire or what dating you might be like – "lovefood," "marriageminded," "lovelylady," or "peacefultouch."

You can pick a famous person or biblical character like "Joshuadude," "babyMoses," or "Jerrylookalike." Of course these are just examples, you can do a whole lot better.

Having an alias can also spark a conversation when others contacts you and give you both something to chat about at the initial connection. Have fun and express yourself, be creative as you pick your alias or screen name. You will use it throughout your correspondence with others.

What do I put in my headline?

Writing the headline is just as important as the alias. A headline must sell and grab attention to potential mates. Construct a headline to say something about your personality or give clues to what kind of things you personally like. Example: "Fisherman At Sea" or "Lady loves boats"

If the headline intrigues enough viewers, you will get more visits to your profile. Headlines can be clever, funny, unusual, kind, or just plain strange. Some examples are:

"You Will Not Be Disappointed."

"Walks In The Park"


"I'm Just A Teddy Bear, Hold Me!"

"Angel On Board"

"Date A Surfer Today"

The headline is written to grab immediate attention to your personal profile. It is similar to a cover letter on a resume.

What does a personal ad consist of?

The personal ad or personal profile is the first thing people notice when seeking potential mates online, so it's essential to put your best foot forward. Your profile page takes thought and preparation so make sure you begin writing your personal ad when you have time to spare.

Think of your online profile as a short resume for a potential mate. Most personal ads usually carry an alias, a headline, a dating profile, and a photo of that person. Some sites will vary with these items. Take the time to craft together an interesting and clever ad. You want others to feel like they are meeting someone special and someone they can connect with.

When crafting your personal ad, remember that you're trying to lead people to your ad. You want your ad to stand out among the others and have an appeal that resonates "I am a very interesting individual, You do not want to miss out on meeting me!"

What makes online dating fun?

Your creativity and imagination makes setting up your personal ad online a lot of fun. The alias you select will give others clues to what kind of person you are and tell them a little about you. It will be the first thing people will see. You will use your alias all through your correspondence, so choose wisely. Here are some tips for selecting a good alias name:

  • The alias should be very descriptive and hint at what you look like or what your passion is.
  • Because it is the first item noticed on your personal ad, it must grab others attention immediately.
  • Make the alias sell you as an individual. Like a light bulb, it must turn on people's interest. Express yourself well here.

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