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Preparing to Meet Your Match

Should I go on a date with a mother/father and her children?

A lot of people find that approaching singles with children can be very hard. Children can be overcome by a new person in their parents' life. It is better that they are prepared beforehand before you introduce your new date. Parents need to consider the children's feelings in any new relationship. It is important to show your children that no one can take their unique place within the family and that they are included in the choice of mates as well. Single parents have much larger responsibilities and commitments to maintain, and their children are a valuable and precious commodity. Christian single parents can take advantage of all the rewarding benefits online dating holds for them. Christian single parents can email potential daters and take all the time they need getting to know other singles, before introducing them to their children. Because of the online screening process and real in depth communications, online dating holds an internal quality, that is crucial for christian single parents who really need this type of formal process. When the parents are viewing online profiles and emails from a home computer it is important to do so privately. Do not let your children view or evaluate the profiles or emails of other Christian singles you may be interacting with online. Do not include the children in the photos you post online either. Be cautious when it comes to engaging your children in the online process.

How can I be a blessing to my mate?

Are you a savvy worker or entrepreneur that can contribute wisely to your household? Prepare to use your skills and achievements as a contribution to your future mate. Learn how to buy, sell, prosper and be good stewards of all your finances. You want to be able to bring "something to the table," so that you can compliment your Christian mate. Although your mate will share in provision, It is important for you to have something of your own, in order for you to validate yourself in your own accomplishments. This way you do not have to look toward your mate for total accountability and security.

Should I approach other singles as well?

With respect to your being a single Christian, do not forget to use this opportunity to encourage and inspire others singles. Dating is not just about you. This is a valuable opportunity to edify and give others a great Christian boost. Encourage them with the Word of God. Take the time to compliment and make others laugh. As a single Christian, it is your calling to uplift others in your daily correspondence. Even if you are not interested in dating a certain person, use this free opportunity to comfort, strengthen, and support others. Selflessness, love, serving, caring and encouragement are the true ways of Christ.

It is never a good idea to pretend to be something you are not. In online dating, people should always be truthful, positive and upbeat in their correspondence. Do not pretend to like something that you don't just for the other person's sake; let us say, sports for example; when you really cannot stand sports. This is dishonest and can be confusing to your partner. It also puts you in a very unattractive spot. Make sure you submit photos that show you in a positive and attractive light. You want to submit your best photo possible. If you need to get new photographs, then do it! Allow that person to visualize you in an honest way, so that when they really meet you, they can accept you for who you are. Honesty is always the best policy.

Can people 65 and older benefit from online dating?

Online dating is not just for the young. There are many single seniors online who find themselves newly divorced or widowed. Online relationships are perfect to help widows and widowers get together in an environment that helps them to connect with other singles. Seniors find others who can understand and relate to their circumstances. Online dating gives seniors a fresh alternative geared toward their own age group and the freedom of meeting friends and love interests in a comfortable setting. They can search profiles and make contact with whomever they wish, all from the comfort and safety of their home. Senior online dating has seen its share of success and resulted in some great Christian matches.

What is courage?

Christian women/men, if you are looking for a good Christian match, look for a courageous person. When you are online, listen carefully to your conversations. Does he/she speak respectful about other people, even someone they have had past relationships with. Make sure they do not carry around past resentments or hidden anger. In order to become a good Christian match you should hold no fear, anger or resentment and be unselfish in your daily living. In your correspondence with others online, make sure that the person you are dealing with is strong and courageous in character.

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As a follower of Jesus where do you find that right person, that one who is God’s will for your life? In the past as a Senior Pastor I have said, Find him or her in church. I still believe that but my definition of Church has expanded beyond four walls as I have become a friend and fan of Christian Mingle. God’s man for you ladies or God’s woman for you men may be in a church a thousand miles away; in the next city, or even in the same town. How do you find them? You log onto Christian and allow God to use this process to help you discover the person He has for you. Give God an opportunity to work through Christian Mingle.

~Pastor Jay Dennis, Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Church at the Mall, Lakeland, FL

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