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Online Safety Tips

Will they keep my information private?

When you first begin corresponding online with another single, you will be using an alias or screen name instead of your regular name. This will keep your real identity anonymous.

You can also use an anonymous e-mail with services like or When you set up the account, be sure not to include personal information.

While using e-mail and other electronic messengers, never give out personal information including your telephone number, fax number, address, work place or place of worship.

If you do want to talk to someone after e-mailing him or her for awhile, then use a cell phone first. Do this until you feel comfortable and secure enough to meet the person and find out more about them.

What if I feel as though something is not right with this individual?

Red Flags should pop up if the person you are corresponding with is elusive/obtrusive in his/her dealings. Cautions signs can alert you to one of more things like:

  • The individual does not give definite answers about anything. This could be an indication they are not being truthful.
  • Are they often-promising one thing, but doing another? This should raise flags about their integrity and reliability.
  • Maybe they are afraid to exchange pictures. This could be that they are shy about the way they look, or just afraid you might find them unattractive. This flag may be yellow for a light caution, because the reasons could vary.

Is my correspondence private?

"Be as shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves" says Matthew 10:16. Do not be naive in giving out personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses or where you work, live, or even where you worship. Keep this information to yourself until you are certain of a dating relationship with this person. Remember to be patient and take the online correspondence slow.

Do not let yourself get personally involved too fast. Take things slow and easy. Remember to enjoy the correspondence with others. Using a Christian online dating site can be fun, but play it safe and protect your privacy until you get to know the other person.

What information should I give out online?

Do not give out too much information to anyone until you are comfortable with him or her first. Never give out personal information online like your: telephone number, address, credit card information, where you work, or fax number. It may be better to use an anonymous e-mail address through services like or Do not include your personal information, while setting up the account. Give someone enough information to highlight your outstanding personality traits, along with your present likes and dislikes. Be a caring listener to the other person. Gather as much information as you can about them. If you are a good listener, you may be able to grasp valuable information early on about your potential date.

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