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First Date

Where should I meet them the first time?

Wonderful! You have met someone online, sent various e-mails and chatted over the cell phone several times and now you are ready to get to know them more. Treat your first meeting with them like a short recess. Keep the conversation low-key and do not get excited on the first round. As you approach your new relationships, keep fantasy in check! Keep the conversation light and fun. Don't bring up past relationships and remember to stay attentive during the date. If you are not paying attention, your date will think you are inconsiderate. You have decided that you would like to meet someone who you have been corresponding with and you are planning a first date. Here are some tips for the initial meeting:

  • Plan a nice spot that you believe he/she will enjoy, preferrably a place with a lot of people. A neutral zone such as a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop, are good choices.
  • Try not to be nervous, show confidence, and look your best.
  • Begin the dating process and see how it goes. If after a few tries you're not feeling a connection with that person, you should return to the online dating center and give someone else a try.
Everyone is on his or her best behavior on first dates. It is really fun and exciting that someone wants to meet you. But remember this is only the first initial contact. Relax, relate, and have fun!

Where should I meet on the first date?

After countless e-mails and numerous telephone calls, you finally feel it is time to meet the person you have been corresponding with. Prepare yourself for a wonderful time!

Plan to meet the person in a crowded, public place such as a restaurant, mall or movie theater.

Always meet in a neutral location. Do not have them come to your home or work to pick you up.

Tell your friends and family where you are going, the person's name general description and your expected time home.

I want to ask someone out, but I'm a little nervous?

Asking others out on a first date is not an easy task. Most people get nervous and tongue-tied, especially if it is someone they really want to get to know. As you approach other singles, do not put them on such a high pedestal that you lose confidence in yourself. Stand back and observe that person's profile online for a little while, considering what would be the best approach. Gather up enough confidence to ask them out.

Make sure the person you meet has made you feel comfortable online and answered all your questions concerning them. Do not be pressured into meeting them. Take your time and do not rush into anything.

Date Safe – Always make sure you meet your first date is in a public place. Bring along a friend if possible. Tell other friends or family where you are going and who you are meeting. Always meet in a neutral place, a public restaurant, movie theater, art museum, always an open place. Use common sense when it comes to safety.

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As a Christian who was single for more than a decade before I met my husband. I know the importance of staying in Christian community, fostering relationships with like-minded people, and encouraging one another to wait for sex for marriage. Call me old fashioned, but I believe I'm not the only one who shares these values. I am grateful to ChristianMingle for creating a safe and online community for other Christians to meet while finding God's match for them.

~Renee Fisher, Author of Loves Me Not & Not Another Dating Book, San Diego, CA

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