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The Lordship of Your Love Life

by Dr. Jack Elwood

Senior Pastor - Burke Community Church

While it should not be news to anyone living in the 21st century, I am amazed at how sex saturates every part of our life and culture. I have just completed a four week message series I entitled "Holy Sex" and was freshly reminded of the joys of following God's instructions in this matter versus the pain of going our own way. The Biblical text is filled with good and bad examples and so are our own lives. Sexuality and spirituality are closely aligned in the Scripture (Ex. 34:15, Romans 1:25-28, I Cor. 7;12-17, etc.) yet many believers (both married and single) seem to live no differently in their love life than those who are in the world. I believe that in this next generation the greatest testimony you will have for Christ is the way you model a life submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in this area of your love life.

As a parent of four (now grown adult children), I sought to help them understand that the sexual and spiritual areas of their life would be important for them to keep under the leadership of the Lord. As we grow up in this fallen world we are tempted to believe that relationships and sex make us whole and healthy people, when the Bible says we find completeness in Christ and Him alone (Col. 2:10). While it is true that we are created sexual beings, made for relationships with God and others, we must be careful to see them as gifts and not idols. Submitting our lives to God in every area will lead to wholeness and God's glory ( I Cor. 10:31). Therefore, when we look to another creature to fill the void that only the Creator can fill, we commit idolatry. Surrender this and every area to His word and His will and you find the peace only he can provide.

It is good to know that no matter how filled our past is with the wreckage of bad decisions, we can learn from it and choose to live again in grace. I think of the story of the young man who was seeking the secret to life and went to a wise man for counsel. Upon finding him he asked, "What is the secret to life?" The wise man thought and held up two fingers and slowly answered, "Two words: good decisions." The young man started to turn away but then responded, "Okay, but what is the secret to making good decisions?" Again the wise man held up two fingers and said, "Two words: bad decisions." So learn from your bad decisions and make a good decision to submit your love life to the lordship of Jesus Christ. As the saying goes, "God always gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him."

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