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I can't log into the site. Would you offer me some troubleshooting tips?
  1. Make sure that you are entering in your email address and not your username.
  2. Make sure you are using the correct password. If you entered it incorrectly three times, you may have locked your account. Please wait two hours and try again.
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I have reset my password, but I still am not able to log in to the site. Can you help me?
  1. If you entered it incorrectly three times, you may have locked your account. Please wait two hours and try again.
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I am told when registering that there is already an account on with my email address attached. Has someone else used my email address?
  1. Most likely, you already have an account with us under your email address. Click here to reset your password. Once you have reset your password, you can log on and update your account.
What is the difference between a free guest account and a paid subscription?
  1. Free Guest Account: You have joined our site as a free guest. We are glad to have you with us. With a free guest membership you may create your own profile, add photos, search and browse through the profiles, send and receive smiles and cards, read original posts on the message boards, and view the calendar of events.
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How do I manage the email notifications I receive from this site?
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Thirty years of ministry and counseling have proven to me that difficulties in relationships are typically the symptoms of individuals. internal problems. ChristianMingle makes a strong and targeted case for compatibility by measuring inner congruence in the most powerful category of all - the spiritual. ChristianMingle brings people of faith together and encourages a robust examination of the inner life, identity, and expression. The safety this provides creates a relational foundation that transcends weaker, more selfish approaches to connection--this is why I recommend ChristianMingle as a faith supporting platform and service to connect people.

~Kenny Luck, Founder Every Man Ministries, Men's Pastor Saddleback Church, Chief Creative Officer KLL Communications, Platinum Award Winning Author

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